Bowling Champ at Kadena

So I’ve been bowling since I was three
years old. I’ve been fortunate enough over the last thirty
years or so to rack up a few three hundreds. I’ve actually cracked triple
digits a while back. It’s a thing where you get this certain type of
arrogance that you have to have to know that you’re going be the best. If you’re
going to compete with the best you have to know that at any given time, at
any given day, that you can absolutely be the best in the world. So winning that
gold medal was probably the proudest moment of my bowling career by far. Better than any title or money or anything that I’ve ever won, and having
that gold medal put around your neck and then being on that top step
seeing our flag fly higher than any other. It again, it just still gives me
goosebumps. It stays with you, and it’s something that I will never ever forget.

1 thought on “Bowling Champ at Kadena

  1. I remember going to Lester Middle school, and having 'bowling' for P.E. One day, I forgot my glasses and I bowled a game of one, single, solitary point. It was the '7' pin in the tenth frame. Where's my spotlight?

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