Bowling Fight! (Eddsworld Fan Short)

oh look bowling place yayyyy eddsworld gang EDUARDO>:( Come onnnnn awww 🙁 grrrrrr (weird noise) rollrollrollrollrollrollrollroll 😀 wut NANI?? OoF DoUbLe OoF yay 😀 im okie ;’) Tom? (in weird accent) oh god the memories wheee hey go sub to luli shes a awesome animator and does great animations k bye :b

67 thoughts on “Bowling Fight! (Eddsworld Fan Short)

  1. If you come here just to point out the scene where you think Edd says gay and dumb let me tell you,it's not funny,stop it. I kinda got hurt having 90% of the comments saying that instead of telling me you enjoyed an animation that took me almost a month.

  2. i love your work and your animations. thank you for what you post :v

    also i just want to say i loooooove your art style and the part where you took the bowling ball out just killed me well done

  3. Tom profile:
    Mom:bowling ball
    Eye color:?????
    Everything else:????????
    Toms dads murderer:matt

  4. 0:12 You can tell Tom is having flashbacks already
    0:40 Edd e.x.e is out of order
    0:45 It was at this moment Matt realized he messed up!!!!!!
    0:58 Tom wants to die
    1:03 The last time I will ever go bowling!!!

    I loved this video!!!!!! You are an amazing animator and keep it up!!
    P.S Love the music!

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