Bowling Math Game

Knock down the unique, six-sided pins for
big digits and a BIG score! Introducing Gopher’s ACTION!™ DigitDrop™! Strategize to get the biggest score with your
teams in this fast-paced game! Three teams throw their 6 balls to knock down the pins
in their zone. Once all 6 pins in their zone are knocked down, teams can choose 1 low-digit
pin at a time to stand back up and hit again for a higher score. When time is up, teams
tally up the scores of all their knocked down pins and the team with the highest score wins! Custom, plastic pins feature six numbered
sides, like dice, and add counting strategy to the fast-paced game! ACTION!™ DigitDrop™ set includes:
18 Rainbow® Stryke N’ Score™ six-sided pins 18 – 6.3-inch diameter balls 1 VersaBag™ Mesh storage bag
Activity instructions with 3 gameplay variations! Activity instructions with 3 gameplay variations! Drop your team’s pins for big digits in
this action-packed, number-strategy game the whole class with enjoy! ACTION!™ DigitDrop™
– only from Gopher!

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