Bowling & Resto-Lounge Bergen Op Zoom – QubicaAMF Bowling New bowling Center Testimonial

I chose QubicaAMF because of its perfect modern look. I think nowadays in terms of bowling you simply need this, with regards to children’s parties and such. It helps you a great deal with this. BES X offers a lot of possibilities to organize birthday parties and children’s parties. It’s just amazing. You can do all sorts of things with it. The possibilities are endless. I believe it’s quite modern to have the QubicaAMF look. It’s just amazing. I’m very satisfied and I would recommend everyone to have QubicaAMF equipment in their center. With the QubicaAMF scoring, customers can instantly see their score and it’s just perfect. People don’t have to keep score anymore. It’s just a matter of playing and that’s just amazing. With the QubicaAMF children’s birthday parties it’s a party in itself. The kids can enter their names and take pictures with the BES X system—and that’s just added value. With QubicaAMF you have a professional partner at your disposal. Everything looks nice and professional. I believe you really need this nowadays. QubicaAMF is the ultimate partner for me. To us, a QubicaAMF center is a beautiful center. The customers have an amazing experience with us. I believe that with QubicaAMF we have something really beautiful in our hands and time will tell. With the QubicaAMF back office system we are able to easily reach our customers. We have all the email addresses, so we can easily distribute our newsletter to our customers. We believe that QubicaAMF is the perfect addition to our business. We chose QubicaAMF because its products are really unique and distinctive. If we compare it (BES X) with other systems, then this system simply provides more added value. We are very satisfied with QubicaAMF.

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