Bowling Tipps für Anfänger – 3 Fragen und Antworten beim Bowling

Hello everyone Welcome to OZ Bowling in Dielsdorf Today I have a guest with me, Hello everyone! Laurence, I have a question for you. How often do you go bowling? I don’t bowl very frequently and I don’t have much experience when it comes to bowling. So you’re not a professional then, right? I gather you have a few questions? Yes I have three important questions that I haven’t found an answer to. OK, so go ahead and ask your question. The first question is how do I choose the right bowling ball? That is a very good question. I have created a vide that answers that one. You can click on it here. But Ill be happy to explain it to you in general terms as follows: On this ball you will find a number. On this one is the number 10. This is in pounds. It has three holes. in order to get the weight right, It’s important to know how much you weigh (in pounds). you multiply KG by 2.5 I guess that your ideal number is either an 8 or a 9 in other words, 8 or 9 pounnds. It’s also important that you hold that bowling correctly in addition to knowing the weight. So you take your ring finger, middle finger, and thumb put thing ring finger in here, the middle finger and thumb here. So you always play with the thumb pointing forwards. Is that OK? OK, so what’s your second question? I was wondering what the arrows and points on floor are for? Are these important for playing? OK, so that is also a very good question. We have also addressed this and have also made a video about this. You can watch it by clicking in the link here. But simply put, there is a middle dot and this is in line with the middle arrow and the middle pin. That means they are in a straight line. This is an arrow that goes from the back to the front. The dots are equally important so you know where to stand. From this position you can always approach and adjust your upper body during play. OK, but I still have a third questions about Technique. What is important and what do I need to pay attention to? Do I shoot this way or that way? How to I position my arm? What is the correct posture when bowling? OK, these are all very good questions. It’s important that you hold the ball just like I showed you before with the ring finger, middle finger and thumb. It’s important that you play with your fingers pointing forward. What’s equally important is point number 2 – where you stand. If you are left handed, then you have to stand on the right side and play practically from right to left. If you are right handed, you stand on the left side and play from left to right. It’s important that you also use correct posture. This means standing straight. Your shoulders must be facing the bowling lane and the front pin. It’s crucial that you keep your posture firm because if your shoulder moves to the right then the ball will do to the right. If you shoulder goes to the left then your ball will do to the left. So this is what happens. The ball sways instead of going straight. That’s why it’s important to keep a straight posture on the lane. So, Laurence, we’ve gone over your questions in quite some detail, I hope I could have answered them in just a few words. But now let’s go bowling. OK? I’m looking forward to it. And don’t forget, have fun! YES! Ok, Laurence, check this out. I chose a ball for you It’s a number 8 – give it a go. Put your fingers in here That’s great! A good test for fit is also when you can fit your finger under the palm of you hand. That’s good, well done! Good, ok, let’s do it! Hey, that was super! The first shot was nice and straight. That was really good! During the second shot, I noticed your posture wasn’t perfect. You probable lost your balance a little, right? I recommend you try and keep as straight as possible Here look, keep nice and straight. First shot was best. Shall we give it another go? Yes, absolutely. OK, thanks a lot Laurence. It was great to be able to give you a couple tips that seem to really have worked well for you. Yes, it was really fun, thanks René. OK, if you have any questions or comments make sure to write them in the comment box below. Like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We’ll see you in the next video everyone! Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Bowling Tipps für Anfänger – 3 Fragen und Antworten beim Bowling

  1. New Bowling Tips Video – NEUES Bowling-Tipps Video!
    Great job René – Tip Top! I really like that you invited someone to your show.
    Ich mag, dass du jemand zu Deinen Show eingeladen hasst. Gut gemacht Laurence!

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