Bowling Vlog

we’re going bowling now so are you excited Amman Dosanjh? of course i’m excited now are you ready for the time-lapse of the journey yeah now what song are you gonna play? um something good (music) we’re at the bowling alley yeah go on then bowl oh jeez if you wanna know who’s playing i’m playing it’s not thunder is playing Amman Dosanjh is playing and his dad do you think your dad is gonna get a strike um he already has and i think i’m gonna get one and win the game are you gonna smash it? yeah (music) bumpers off (laughing) i turned bumpers off this one is for you mum you let her down come on it’s not thunder time to smash it Time to smash it Time to smash it Time to smash it (in slow motion) Oh my God I beg come on Time to smash it (Music) Yes baby Why are you still filming? How does it feel to win? Um I’m last This is for the unpaid workers Jeez Yeah quality Oh you’re good Shoutout to it’s thunder if he’s watching you’re alright Yeah I know Who’s better it’s thunder or it’s not thunder Um I’ve got to say it’s thunder for that quality noodles in his head This one is for my long lost uncle see you in India (Indian music) This is called finesse shot yeah finesse Great shot This one’s for uncle Ben with great power comes great responsibility (Spider-Man music) Why aren’t we in the VIP area? Because we’re Indian (Laughing) The best arcade game in the arcade Oh yeah Now we’re doing a quality bit of We won so do you feel happy amman dosanjh? I feel good How does the defeat feel Um not good You lost to your dad how does it feel how does it make you feel? Amman dosanjh how does it make you feel? Um not good But you can go watch the emoji movie to make you feel better Yeah let’s go there now Time to smash it (in slow motion) Please watch them Just click on one PLEASE CLICK ON ONE!

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