Bowling With… Bullets?!

oh, Whoops. ha! you know what? stuff happens Wow Hey there, this is Kirsten joy Weiss and today I have a shooting game for you. Yep. That’s right Something you can do on the range at your own risk and with all safety precautions But this will be a lot of fun It is called bowling with a gun and we’re gonna use a bullet to shoot down bowling pins But it is not just shooting pins no, It’s shooting shell casings and empty shells something you can find on the range and also you probably have a few spares yourself They are casings that I’m going to line up Just like, or kind of like, pins down the alley I am NOT an expert bowler so this is going to be interesting to see if I’m better with a gun than I am with a bowling ball and Hopefully that is true. So I’m gonna teach you how to play this game We’re gonna play it and we generally just gonna have a great time. So let’s play a game This is created because it’s challenging it’s fun. Everyone can do it There’s a lot of variety to be had one of the ways you can vary this game and make it harder or easier depending on the skill level of the shooter is To make the pins obviously further distance or shorter distance Another way is to spread them out a little bit or keep them closer. Closer It’s going to be a lot easier and Yet another way is to make them smaller or larger. I’m using 223, which is pretty average but You can use something smaller than a 223 you can use something much larger than a 223 if it’s more of a beginner shooter or you just want To have some fun and and not worry about it too much You can use shotgun shells – empty shotgun shells- DO NOT use live rounds! Use EMPTY shells and casings for this game The rest of the rules are just like regular bowling. You got your spares your strikes if you get them all at once on the first Shot you get a strike if you get all of them at the second shot you get a spare two tries per turn To see if you can knock down all the pins. All the scoring is the same and everything So really simple really easy really fun It’s a pretty great game and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I’m going to We have the bowling pins lined up downrange they’re not exactly lined up because I don’t have as even of a surface as I thought I did but let’s see if I can get a strike or a spare or something good and Out do my regular bowling game, which is not so great Oh, I Would say that that is a strike and they went all over the place Wow. Oh Whoops Well, I got so excited to show you guys what’s gonna happen but I forgot that my scope is sighted in slightly low so that I have to aim high and I didn’t do that and I shot just below it destroyed my platform, you know, we all make mistakes, so I’m gonna try to redo this put the brass back on there and actually shoot the brass actually aim high You know what stuff happens? All right, Strike or a spare baby, come on! Whoa, I think that was a strike and I will take it way better than my bowling game far Far better strikes are few and far between when I go and play bowling Let’s go check it out That is pretty cool There’s some bullets I’m going to show you later with holes straight through them it looks Awesome, but just illustrate the point of this game I’m gonna deliberately try to get a spare this time just to show you kind of you know How to play if you haven’t already grasped the concept, let’s see if I can deliberately get a spare Here we go There’s first shot All right now to finish them off There is your deliberate spare, I like it I think that that’s just as challenging is trying to get a strike That’ll work I hope that you like this game and I hope that you try it as well, of course at your own risk But I certainly enjoy it. So check out more videos Make sure you subscribe join me and the rest of the crew at slash Kirsten. Joy Weiss and we’ll see you next time check out these hits just quite a few of them and but this one is By far my favorite. I will be keeping this one. That’s for sure. It is. Awesome. hello! How you doing?

100 thoughts on “Bowling With… Bullets?!

  1. Very entertaining. Maybe make a keychain out of that one casing. Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  2. I’ve been trying to use .17 HMR at 3,000 yards. It’s been taking me a while though. What am I doing wrong. 🤪

  3. Gear question: What butt stock is that? I'd like a more minimalist stock configuration and can't seem to find one.

  4. At a friends house in VT years ago, he had collected discarded bowling pins from a local alley. He had set one up as target behind his house. So, for grins I borrowed one of his 45's. Prolly a 1911. I took a shot and was dead on the belly of the pin. Bowling pins are designed to be tough. This one was. The slug hit true, the wood compressed and rebounded. The bullet came straight back and hit me harmlessly in the leg. Can you imagine going to an emergency room with a bullet wound. Then having to tell the police that the bullet came from a bowling pin?
    p.s. The bowling lived to fight another day. With a big dent on its belly.

  5. Ive done this before but we filled the shells with caulking to make them heavier. And u have to put them farther apart to make it harder.

  6. Holy moly. That was the perfect illustration of the phrase "One-Shot, One Kill!" Also, in the apocalypse, I want to hide behind you.

  7. Hi KirstenJoy Weiss. I know this has nothing to do with the subject matter of this video but, has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Scarlett Johansson? Only dare I say this, I think you are more pretty. You also sound a little like Alie Ward on Henry Ford's Innovation Nation. This is also a compliment. This is only the second video of yours that I have watched and I thought I would share my opinion. 🙂

  8. Some guys dream of Victoria Secret models. I dream of girls like Kirsten. Classy. Well spoken. Beautiful. Great with a firearm.

  9. I have a question out of curiosity Kirsten: If you had to guess, about how many marriage proposals do you get a month?

  10. I was sent to your channel because (beautiful woman shooting firearms) but I was pleasantly surprised you have great content… I'm definitely a subscriber!!

  11. There’s always tons of empty casing at my range. Gonna have to grab some and throw some strikes down range. Like always Kirsten great video keep the smiles coming your a breath of fresh air.

  12. You are cute and an excellent shooter proofing it is not a man only sport. Send it to my wife, I want her to start shooting with me. Thanks for very nice vids, entertaining and all can learn also a lot from your experience. Thanks, you are probably younger than my yougest daugter. You do extremely well.

  13. Ms Weiss You obviously know what you are doing! You’re almost as good a shot as i. Ok! I lied! 😬 Love your vids and enthusiasm ma’am .always a pleasure to watch your vids

  14. Please make more videos with shooting tips. Your video on finger placement on the trigger has really helped my pistol accuracy.

  15. I've thought for a long time it would be cool to have a bowling alley/shooting range that has the pinsetters in bullet traps. Metal pins and frangible bullets. I was thinking handguns.

  16. This is good stuff. Thanks. Just subbed! Check us out when you get a
    moment. We're a veteran owned small business that provides professional
    firearm workstations. You might be able to benefit from our high quality

  17. This looks like fun and I've done almost the same thing except I didn't set empty cases up like bowling pins. Ok, I'll watch and enjoy.

  18. The risk in minimal, but the place I go shooting only allows paper targets. I used to be able to shoot at anything, but times change and not always for the better.

  19. I like what I see!! Do you want to marry me? What do you say? Let's give it a shot? 😂😂😘🍀👍🏻

  20. Great video. Great idea for a novelty fun shoot. As a very long time NRA RPS instructor and RSO. I always stress EYE and EAR PROTECTION.
    I rarely see you shooting without glasses and was surprised to see you perform this trick shot without them. I would hate to see you injure those pretty eyes. I totally enjoy your channel
    And keep up the great work teaching common sense self protection information.

  21. Christian Joy Weiss my name is Leah I live in Georgia I live with my dad and mom my dad watches all your videos with me

  22. Неплохо выглядишь, а с русским вооружением будет что нибудь?

  23. Yeah, great. I tell ya what. Since I told you about this, you can get a good .177 pellet rifle and I'll come down there and show you how it's done.
    .223, eesh. Why not a fifty or that grenade rifle you had.

  24. What about the 7-10 split? If you get one of those you should win the game regardless of performance of the game before.

  25. I can't decide what is more attractive about you. That beautiful smile, those beautiful eyes, the awesome attitude or that fantastic firearm….it's a tight race…lol

  26. Я понимаю оружие, но я с трудом понимаю женский пол. Она меня пугает своей улыбкой, она хищник вооруженный огнестрельным оружием.

  27. No pretense, no arrogance, no bluster, no politically correct narrative. Just good clean fun. American values at their best and unashamedly on display. As I have said before concerning these videos…refreshing.

  28. I am soooo in Love with you , you are just Gorgeous and so very talented, you have an Great Smile that's shows your Joy of Shooting

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