I think we’re gonna hide in here under
the stands a login I know you here somewhere buddy Jake what’s going on Oh could you not
see what’s happening this do not see what I’m seeing what are you even
looking at this bad Logan you’re just looking at the blinds what sorry Logan
take a look outside and tell me what you see it’s if it’s raining Logan it’s a
rainy day can’t go outside we can’t play we can’t make box floats I think you’re
over exaggerating a little bit here no I’m not but I know what we need to do I
know what we need to do Logan yeah Oh what okay we need one I can’t hear what
you’re saying come closer okay walking hey what’s
going on guys I’ll take you from here with me and we are back with a brand new
video and today guys we are doing something extra special that’s not a
nerf gun this goes on the back but we are doing a very special in therefore
it’s not exactly nerf war we’re gonna be doing a nerve hide-and-go-seek
and that’s because over the past few months we have built each one a box
forts in this house there’s a box for everywhere like look there’s one over
there it’s a little box one there’s one downstairs there’s one upstairs
there is a total box force not to mention we have the huge house here and
we thought it’d be really awesome to do a nerf hide-and-seek video now if you
guys have never seen nerve hide-and-seek before and you’re probably thinking how
you play your hide-and-seek you start off here this is the starting zone and
this is where the hunter will count down from 30 the hunted gets to run away and
hide but before you do that both players get to select their arsenal so we’ve got
nerf guns over here we’ve got different nerf armor over here helmets masks
anything you might want to add to make yourself blend in more or maybe just
make yourself more secure in some armor we also have a bunch of nerf attachments
over here nerve pistols here and they’re full it’s here so you load up lock and load
take as much as you can carry and then you run off and hide but unlike regular
hide-and-seek guys the person getting seeked the hider has a chance to win the
round if he can take a shot and hit the seeker
before he gets caught so if I’m hiding in my box for it and I pop out the back
and shoot Logan before he finds me and shoots me I win but if Logan shoots me
first he wins it’s a pretty awesome concept
and we’ve got a bunch of fun stuff to play around with so I’m pretty excited
and of course guys let us know down in the comments below what do you think is
gonna win this battle gonna win but a hashtag Logan if you think I’m gonna win
you know what a nerf gun was hashtag Logan all right you know what a hashtag
pop it down below if you think papa Jake’s gonna win this one and of course
guys if you happen to be brand new to the channel do not forget to hit that
subscribe button right down there and hit the bell button it’s a little bell
icon if you guys get that you’ll never miss one of our brand new videos and if
you guys like our nerf videos and wants to do another one we’re trying to crush
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without further ado guys we’ve got a nerf battle to have so let’s get locked
and loaded and start with round 1 I think we should do Rock Paper Scissors
to see who goes first well Logan you must have forgot Pappa Jake is the
world champion at rock-paper-scissors never lost a match in my life
are we playing with rock-paper-scissors championship rules or standard rules I’m
not gonna lie don’t know the difference but we’re just gonna say standard get in
your rock paper scissor stance rock paper scissors rock paper scissors
the best two out of three though you know it looks like Logan’s gonna be
hiding first which means I get to be the secret first so we’re both gonna choose
our weapons here starting out you have as much time as you want to choose and
then Logan will run off I’m gonna blindfold myself so I have no idea where
he’s going and then the nerf battle will start so I’m gonna be the secret which
means I need to be able to move fast but I also need to be able to unleash a lot
of bullets on Logan whoa I know what I’m using I’m knowing
I’m using all right now it’s not technically a nerf gun loading but it’s
a pineco halo gun from the intro skit I love this thing this thing is fully
automatic air-powered you’re going down oh man I only need one
shot to get him down and I think I can do it with this thing on top of that I
want to be able to scare Logan I think I need an outfit change three two what check this out now I’m ready to be the
nerve hunter I’m like an ERV bounty hunter dude I’ve got all my compartments
here I can hold extra nerve bullets I’ve got a pistol holster lock and load this
up slips in here in case I run out of ammunition I’m ready to go so for my
nerf setup I’m thinking you know a pretty small gun because what if I want
to hide in like a small crevice or something I’m gonna need to be
lightweight on this one so I’m gonna go with the dual action pistol very light
very small I think I’m definitely gonna be taking Jake down with this one I’m a
count down from 30 with my eyes closed Logan’s gonna run away I’m gonna have a
GoPro on me and we’ll see who will win I think we’re gonna hide in here understood about 30 seconds I think it’s
time to go find Logan like I said if he shoots us first he wins the round so he
has an advantage here he can sneak up on us and win this thing so we gotta be
quiet as well Logan I know you here somewhere buddy
don’t know where you are exactly but I know you’re here I’m just gonna come in
now oh there’s no going box that’s like the
perfect spot to hide oh yes I just put like one little slab of box on he’s do
when I first opened the door I looked at the ground and I was like okay he’s not
here and that’s all like that’s not normal all right Logan won the first
round it looks like it is his turn to be the seeker so we’re gonna go back
upstairs in the staging area reset our guns and start with round 2 I’m supposed
to open up that door Logan but I kind of got scared my finger got caught here and
I went like the rules I do have to switch weapons so I’m gonna change the
weapon Logan’s can change his weapon and then we start round 2 for this round I’m
using a smaller gun because I’m gonna be hiding but I’m gonna modify it with some
upgrades so I actually went ahead here I’m using a key strike bullets because
accuracy is key especially when Logan spot that’s down so to start I’m gonna
be adding a silencer because I want my bullets to be silent all right this is
all about stealth perfect as for my scope because I don’t think I’m gonna be
doing much Amy I’m replacing it with a flashlight some of these places that
were hiding can get pretty dark so having a flashlight on this is gonna be
key other than that I’m happening collapsible stock in case I need to
quickly pull it out like this now ourselves a little stealth nerf gun
that’s pretty awesome man I’ll admit that the nerf gun that I’m gonna choose
is the shotgun all I need is two shots for jig alright I actually added an
extra stock so good look it’s gonna be short range very inaccurate versus
they’ll also short range but much more accurate and stealthy you ready to start
this round let’s do it look he’s going to hide in there we’re gonna go upstairs
and hide I guess a load is hiding we have 30 seconds to give the position
first I didn’t think I was gonna hide down here but once we went in the box
for the last round I found so many places that were good hiding spots I
have a really good idea as to how we can ambush him okay so check this out
what are you coming here you can see that we have this whole open spot here
we can kind of ambush him at first he’s probably gonna be checking the million
doors he’s not gonna think about the secret door behind the locker where you
go in there this is a secret spot we’re probably going towards one of these
doors first all right ready or not here I come I think I heard something over here bow
jig although you might not be there and I
saw you fired all I heard was this varela’s like where’s that coming I
realized after the fact that I probably shouldn’t have used to pull the auto cuz
that like vroom sound keep saying but luckily for us Logan was down at the
other end of the hall so we ambushed him that was awesome though the hunt did are
winning although that says but we’ve got one more round guys I think it’s time
for the tiebreaker round we have one final round to decide it was officially
the nerf box for hide-and-seek champion I’m starting to realize that they’re
more accurate the more stealth and the more quiet you could be the better so
I’m gonna be going with this one check it out you got hired under this
from our Christmas video it is extremely accurate and it shoots
extremely far so I’m gonna be picking up with this let’s see what Logan’s going
for upgrades so we got our merits in first I’m gonna be outing a flashlight
I was ok alright alright so you got the mega shotgun attachment and last but not
least a stock that has an additional shooter on the top
oh dude okay so you can shoot both regular darts mega darts and a backup
dart on your stock alright alright so I’m going with a really easy pistol
Logan’s going with like some Terminator thing over here that converts into a
thousand guns all right well I’m gonna go count lookin you can go high but as
much as Logan has all these technical upgrades it’s really gonna come down to
skill so I guess I got this in the bag alright Logan you got 30 seconds good
luck for this round I have a little trick up my sleeve I’m gonna be hiding
one of these walkie-talkies in the gym and hide over there and I’m gonna trick
him into thinking the walkie-talkie is actually in this room I guess 30 seconds
is up it’s time to get going and I’ve got a little bit of a plan here he
thinks I’m gonna be using this using this grated pistol with maybe darts
let’s get holding just in case invincible all right if I know Logan
he’s definitely probably going down the stairs again
Oh Logan Logan tell me where you are Logan oh you know okay
how is it over there over here usually walkie-talkie Logan where you going Logan I’m out of bullets hey guys I’m out of
ammo on this so I have to switch to my backup oh that’s my last shot that’s my
last shot we’re both out of ammo if we’re both out of ammo then I guess we
could call it like like it’s high so just come up a little handshake okay
cool just meet me here meet you where okay
let’s just meet in the the main area okay yeah let’s do that
that’s a great area to meet in all right guys well I think it’s a draw which
means I think we might need to do a part two I think we might need to do another
one of these if you guys think that this was really cool I’m really awesome smack
the like button down below let’s try and get 50,000 likes for another one and
Logan I got a man that walkie-talkie threw me off
I heard you I was like wait what he’s not in here it messed with my head a but
does a good move on Logan’s part I think we do need to do a part two we always
have box ports in the house so it will get even cooler and even more epic I
think we’re learning how to be better hunters in the Seekers this time there’s
some tricks up our sleeves but anyway guys I hope
the video I hope you don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you
guys next time for another awesome video you

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