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Meet Aiden, he’s currently in the biggest pickle. Anyone has ever seen You see his dad is a huge baseball fan and he asked Aiden to follow one simple rule Stay out of my trophy room Aiden. Ok dad Well, he broke it. And it’s gonna cost him. My dad’s going to kill me So we brought in an expert to help him out Chauncey leopardi. That’s what you get for being a L7 weenie. You may remember him, as One of the kids trying to recover a priceless autographed baseball What do you mean that wasn’t your ball in the 1993 film the Sandlot Forget about it and just like in the movie Chauncey is here to help. Did you try knocking on the front door? At least? I didn’t lose the ball in a back yard I smudged the signature. Huh? Well why dont we go in here and try to buy a new ball.Well, he’s in luck Come on. Finding a replacement baseball. At the hobby shop That’ll be two hundred and fifteen dollars If you saw this kid, I have some birthday money saved up trying to atone for his mistake Ahh your few bucks short kid I need to get that ball Maybe it’s time to come clean, huh? What would you do? Do you have any Derek Jeter autographed baseballs? Yeah got one right here two hundred and fifteen dollars This avid sports collector listens in and he can’t believe his ears Especially since we’ve lowered the price hundreds of dollars for our scenario You’re a few bucks short kid, but I need that ball my dad’s gonna kill me. Look I smudged the signature 15 bucks But his good deed doesn’t stop there I was just trying to clean it and then it just smudged what you want to use if you want to use a feather duster Get all the dust off it you don’t need to clean it. Okay, great. Let’s break it Trust me. I get it man. My dad had old football trophies and I throw a football in the arm So I spent the whole day with the hot glue gun. I’m like trying to like Like it wasn’t broken off How you doing? I’m John Keane be honest You know what the little boy was going through Yeah, I know what it’s like to screw up I can watch it Back at the counter. We do have replica balls for cheaper. He’s gonna notice. It’s his favorite ball He’s not the only one who couldn’t just sit there and watch See some friends borrow from them While this customer doesn’t pick up the tab. He does offer a few solutions Disappointed This next customer suggests something similar He tries to help him get the money from dad without confessing to the damaged ball But would he still cover for Aiden if dad was around but you should go in Well, we take that opportunity and ask Chauncey to step in as the dad to find out. Hey, what’s going on? Is that my ball with Aiden out of options? He steps up to the plate You’re gonna spend your birthday money to get a new ball, I just don’t want to disappoint I do sir I’m John quinones. How are you? What would you do my goodness? You were okay with him replacing the ball without dad knowing well, you know I was young once too and if that happened I would tried the same thing. Yes, you wouldn’t give the kid the money no, no dad, I would because he had to learn a mistake was made and So he has stolen up to it as the day goes on Grown-ups drive that point home. This is like two or three years worth of birthday When Chauncey makes another cameo as dad what happened. My ball customers have no issue taking one for the team He’s nervous, but he he wants to buy a new ball Helping Aidan avoid punishment. What’s a good punishment for him? I wouldn’t punish him This is the kid nothing especially if he’s willing to dish out all his cash. That’s true. Get you another one This next customer is almost dawn two-hour block And just like that movie a fellow kid has Aidan’s back what do you think I should do to punish a Man at least you’re trying to do the right thing Yeah, wait till they find out who dad really is what do you think you should do You know squint was in that movie he kissed the lifeguard You could have lied about it Before anyone else gets a chance to recognize squids. We send them back to the control room to direct our final see You don’t understand I really need that ball my dad’s gonna kill me. Hey Brian say what happened what happened My dog got it and then I tried to clean it and the signatures smudged. Oh, it’s smudged, huh? It’s a shame, but I don’t think I can help you Preoccupied with her own son. We’re not sure that she heard the full story Look, let me let me check that loss of it with Aiden alone this mom confirms our suspicions My dad’s probably gonna yell at me and get really mad before making a decision she gets a second opinion And once again another kid comes to the rescue Brian you want to go back in I think she’s gonna help them pay for it. I’m sorry buddy boss says I can’t Wow While she reaches for her wallet, here we go we slowly approach to say hello I feel like if I can help out. Why why not? What about telling the Father the truth? He didn’t want to get yelled at when you’re a kid. That’s what you think. It’s gonna happen immediately What do you want your son to learn from this just be kind to one another? Hi everyone george stephanopoulos here. 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  2. The millions of people that watch this show, just shows how much the world really needs to change. Def with how many different scenarios they can come up with

  3. First of all he was told not to even go in the room. Big mistake he should have listened he wouldn't of been in that prediction

  4. Nice mom: when your a kid you right away you do something rough you right away think that your dad will yell at you

    Me: true i am a kid and in the only subject in school i had an A was math but i got a C i an exam. I literally started to cry couse i thougt that my mom and dad would yell

  5. Once I went to go buy a video game and I was a few bucks short and the lady behind me helped me out
    Thx to whoever she is 🙂

  6. This is from the story of the funny awesome cool movie the Sandlot I love that funny baseball movie bro its funny Ly wenie haha lol lamo😂😂😂😂

  7. This shit wouldn't go well either way in Thailand, you'd either get the butcher knife or the all famous bamboo stick! I can already hear that "wah-tssshhhh"…sound…

  8. Personally…. in a situation like this I’d want my child to be encouraged to be honest. Yes, there may be a punishment of some sort but my child would learn that I love them above any possession. Kids are kids. Crap happens. They make poor choices at times. But honesty is best and they always need to know they are unconditionally loved.

  9. I wants broke my dads trophy and he got mad so I tried to fix with hot glue but I can’t cause I’m little that time so I asked my mom to help

  10. I would be odd I guess. I might help the kid, but he would have to come clean with his dad. That's more important than a ball.
    That's a life lesson that I have learned myself. Always be honest, own up. Reminds me of when Opie broke the window. "He's gotta stand on his own 2 feet".
    Im just really big on honesty, it's one of the most important things in life. It defines what kind of person you are. And always do what you say your gonna do. I'm ol school.

  11. I'm not going through almost 4000 comments to see if it's been commented. But, It would have been funnier if the father was Derek Jeter.

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