Boys from Brazil on hockey tour

This is in our trip, our road to 2016, to qualify for the Olympics, in the Pan-American Games, so it’s very important because now we can train here in Edinburgh. We can play against different teams, with the under-21s we will play also. So, its a different kind of hockey that we are used to. So in our preparation for the Pan-American Games, I think its very important to have these kind of games. Brazil is of course synonymous with football. What stage, how popular is hockey? Yeah, its difficult competing with football because obviously its the country’s sport. We are trying to help grow the sport of hockey. Its been really exciting trying to be part of that journey and having the Olympics in Brazil obviously helps that. We just need to qualify to just aid that situation really. For us it will be a dream to play in the Olympics Games, because hockey in Brazil is not that big as in Europe and we need to qualify in the Pan-American Games, we need to get the sixth position in the tournament. So, we think its very very achievable and we are training since March with the group. So, we will be in the road from March until July, training. So we have a great expectation to qualify. Playing international sides, regardless of who they are, is actually quite important for us. We have got quite a young side and we are essentially four years with a lot of the guys. So, its important for our development as much as their development. Potentially these guys are going to go to the Olympics, if they achieve their qualification. So for some of our guys to play against them, I think its quite a privilege. Hence, we are putting out quite a strong side tonight.

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