Boys Volleyball Eyes Sectional Run

I really like where this team of heading.
We have nine seniors and eight juniors. A lot of talent, too. Just the chemistry on and off
the court, it’s pretty close. I think we’re very tight-knit group.
We all push each other to be better and lift more. I think we’re one of the
hardest-working teams out there. They’re a really funny group of guys and these
guys all get along really, really well. They are all good buddies. They were all wearing a shirt that said, get
off the couch and vote for Matt Crouch and for Homecoming King I ended up winning. I never expected that to happen. [Here we go. Game point, this side.] There’s no way Midlakes to be even
close to where we at without Sals. I mean he’s literally built-up the program. He runs summer camps. He’s the assistant coach at Nazareth. I like that he pushed our weak
spots to make us grow and then he’s just a great coach in general like
he’ll put guys on the court when they’re working hard then he’ll turn it up a
notch when obviously big schools like Fairport and McQuaid would come in. He calls people stud-muffins on the team and he just thought of the idea. He actually
created these himself and we got him senior night. In the meaty part of our season when
we were playing a lot of big schools, we had three starters either on a
trip or out. It gave a lot of guys who were not necessarily on the starting 6 or 7
to get on the court and get some experience against big teams, the good teams. This team has heart and like they’re all very hard-working, the guys who come
up they’ve all done really well for us. We all kind of work together during
practices we got like a pretty good competitive side to it. I think it’s about feeding off
of each other’s energy. When they get into it and they get riled
up more, they play better. Last year we lost in the Sectional Finals. That was one of our worst performances happen to be in the Sectional Finals, that
was not what we wanted. Playing the right volleyball
is how we’ve been able to win. Our goals are high.
We definitely want revenge. They give a lot of potential. I’m just really excited for Sectionals like regular season we all kind of
take it maybe day by day. but I know me and a lot of the other starters are looking past Sectionals. We’re looking at that crossover match,
to the State Tournament. We’re looking, obviously, to go super far. Overall, the aspiration is to do well
and to play great volleyball and if we’re going to lose we’re
to lose to a good team. Let’s not have regrets. Let’s
make sure our goals matchup. Let’s make sure we’re working towards something but least work into your goal and helping somebody work towards theirs.

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