53 thoughts on “‘Brady Bunch’ Kids Have A Very Brady Lunch With Hoda And Natalie | TODAY

  1. Brady Bunch to this day i will still watch when it comes on cable as a teenager i loved this show mind you that was 30-35 yrs ago!! Love THE BRADY BUNCH MY FAVORITE IS MARCIA❤

  2. would it not be the grooviest thing if they made a 2 hour tv show and all of them came back but still were living the 60s vibe . I know there was a movie like it but it did not have the real Brady's . That would be far out and groovy also.

  3. 'Jan' looks thrilled!! :/ Every time I see the 6 of them together.. Eve looks annoyed…. why'd she come back if she's gonna be a sour puss?

  4. Don’t tell anyone but I still love the Brady Bunch. I’m 54 year old guy in Milwaukee. There is something about them, the nostalgia, there friendship with each other, always makes me smile

  5. Hoda! Hoda! Hoda! I doubt you'll ever see this but I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious reunion! I grew up on this show being just 13 when it aired and the same age as Marsha. My sister was Jan's age, my oldest brother was Peter's, & my youngest was Bobby's. We never missed an episode! One of my favorite episode's was the dance number they all did in the bright colored fringe jumpsuits! And remember Johnny Bravo? Everyone had a crush on Davy Jones so that was another very special favorite as we could all relate to "Marsha's crush"! So many great memories and even though it was tame by reality standards we all felt innocent like them back then. Eventually we all shared many of their real life experiences as well. It is a huge part of my generation (as was the Partridge Family – though not very realistic). And of the times, as Bob Dylan always sang: "…they are a changing…"! I still watch any episode I find when channel surfing! I'm frozen in time! Your a few years younger than I, but I'm certain you too, watched every show that aired as well!
    You were the class of 1982 if I'm correct, but my senior year in high school was 1976 at our Alma Mata – Fort Hunt High in Alexandria, Virginia. Thanks for remembering some amazing moments while growing up as one of the most influential generations of all time! We had the absolute best of everything. Experience, opportunities, and optimism. Nothing could hold us from our Dreams and your a shining example of this today! Do a follow up in a year! Lol! And I'm waiting for you to get your own show! It would be so successful! Thanks again! ~ Suzi (Bailey) Pethtal
    Btw, do you remember a Jimbo (Jimmy or James) Bailey? I believe he was class of '81. My youngest brother. He's most notably known for his "high diving" accident at the pool. Not as famous as you but one no one forgets! It was quite a fall! And Fort Hunt was wonderful to allow him to take his class picture over again! No one wants a photo of a broken nose and braces to define the 9th grade yearbook! Best of everything to you & your family! "GO FEDERALS!"

  6. I'm 39 and I watched this as a kid… Along with I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. 😆 I recall all the clips they showed here, but I can't remember what my husband said 3 days ago🤷

  7. I will forever love the Brady Bunch. I grew up with that show back in my day. I love Greg, Peter, Bobbie, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy!😁! Merry Christmas to the Bunch 🌲🎅🎉!

  8. I LOVED this so much wish there was more can't wait for the holiday edition. Love how they each got presents from the actual show itself that was cute.

  9. chris knight has the best genes, looks the least oldest of the surviving cast members! i wonder just how really close they are off camera?

  10. Maureen is the second oldest, but despite her age and previous substance troubles, she looks by far and away the best of the bunch.

  11. They should have had a leaky vase in the middle of that table, maybe with a hose attached for a spraying effect. Or maybe a mud volcano disguised as a Christmas tree …

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