Brave Browser: NEW Partnerships & Features! (2020) – Spend Basic Attention Token (BAT)!

yes guys welcome back to the channel as
always so guys in today’s video we’re gonna talk about the brave browser now
guys I’ve done a lot of content on this channel about the brave browser if
you’ve been watching me for a while I’ve done I got a whole like playlist just
about the brave browser talking about the brave rewards how to get it set up
about how I’m getting paid for adverts who’s behind the team guys it’s my
favorite browser I use it as my daily driver it’s insane I use it on my mobile
I use it on my laptop and it makes my web browsing faster I save money you
name it everything is out there but there’s just been an announcement
recently from brave browsers I’ll put a bit at the top obviously before plus a
bit at the top now talking about other videos I’ve done about the brave browser but in this
video specifically I want to talk about a new announcement which has just come out
and it basically this is the headline I’ll just read it to you now
it says watching ads with this web browser which is the brave browser now
pays for HBO and Hulu I don’t actually have HBO myself it’s an American thing
but basically what this means this guy that says here since launching in 2018
Braves privacy focused browser promise real-world use for the basic attention
token now it wants to make it easier basically guys what you can do now you
can actually I just read already the article quickly too you can you know
what to get to kind of cuts the chase to tell you you can buy real-world assets like
goods and services with the basic attention token and I want to wanted to
make this video about this because this is exactly what we want to see that we
want to see cryptocurrency and the real world merging together and this way you
can get paid to watch adverts and then go and spend those you know those basic
attention tokens in real world item real world items that says here in brief
brave has linked up with tab the Tap network this means brave users now can
redeem the tokens they earn from watching ads for gift cards for anything
from Starbucks HBO HBO subscriptions so you can go out and use these tokens with
in store brave says it now has 12 million users and over 350,000 different
publishers and partners and basically just to put into perspective guys chrome
has a billion users 1 billion users and brave has 12 million
so you can imagine this so much expansion for grow fear the guys who are
produced brave is John Bondy and Brian something
else basically that the guy who is the father the founder of JavaScript and
also were the main developers on the project of Firefox are building this so
you can imagine that these two guys coupled with an ingenious idea to bring
cryptocurrency basin to the masses you can see this kicking off guys in my
opinion like as well want to do this video so says here if you use the brave
browser you’ll know you’ll be able to you’ll now be able to buy Starbucks
coffee ride an uber pay for HBO and Hulu subscriptions with the rewards you reap
from watching adverts brave software the company behind privacy focus Google
Chrome forked brave announced on Tuesday a partnership with tab network which
will allow users to redeem basic attention tokens BAT
rewards from over 250,000 major brand newest let me just explain that real
quick so it says here that you know brave software the company behind the
privacy focused Google Chrome so basically brave is built on chromium
which is the open source code to Chrome so open source means that it’s code
which is out there in the public domain so say like a song which is copyright
free you can use it and you can use that song in it in any way you want you can
it’s your song basically so the same thing with Google Chrome there’s a
chromium kind of like the open source what brave it up taking it and what this
means is that you don’t need to actually spend all this time read uploading all
your bookmarks all your downloads all this kind of stuff and all your old data
you can actually just transition the whole browser over in one click
literally one click and you can be it’s and the thing about brave it is it’s
basically exactly the same as Chrome but they built in a whole load of extra
features so privacy they got a tor built-in browser and in code neato
you’ve also got easy to watch as it doesn’t harvest your data it doesn’t
hold your history all these things which you could I put another video at the top
now all these things make it a good browser but that’s another few things
that says the top crypto news as well as something else the browser which uses a
blockchain based advertising model look at that I just got a $50 reward thanks
guys so basically gives users 70% of revenue
share through its basic attention token according to brave now users can earn
BAT and can redeem those tokens through the tap network for gift cards at
various retailers but only if those users have verified their wallets with a
crypto to exchange Uphold so what is is the same as a similar to Coinbase gotta get an
account and you can withdraw it this partition with tap network supports our
mission of connecting can of custom so can’t speak today guys it basically
connects customers and brands in a respectful mutually beneficial way and
contributes to the growth of our overall ecosystem by expanding the utility of
the basic attention token Brendan Eric has to go said earlier he’s a co-founder
and CEO of brave software said in a press release I haven’t even read this
myself yet according to Eric this all lines up with Braves privacy centric
mission all users need to do to start buying gift cards with BAT which is
basic attention token is connect their uphold accounts to the tap network
some brave users may not find that so easy though given the complaints basic
attention holders have levied against upholds insane kyc pressure so a lot of
people are annoyed about kyc my personal opinion doesn’t really affect me like at
the end of the day know your customer Fairplay in an interview with decrypt
brave chief product officer david teppan petkin said this is something brave is
looking to improve upon brave users do not need to verify kyc in order to earn
by earn basic attention tokens and contribute to their quanta craze for
those who actually choose to verify the digital kyc process it can be better
saying it can be a pain point but it is it is significantly more convenient than
walking to the bank he said regarding content creators we are obliged to ask
them to kyc for regulatory reasons we are working with our poll to improve the
person to kyc and other functionalities said Timken so it’s gonna come out in 8
weeks and you’re gonna better start using these basic attention tokens but
you can come and read this article as well really really good stuff like it
says here the company whose browser now boasts 12 million monthly active users
initially announced its intention to go the full distance towards new commerce
last year it’s really really exciting guys I’m obviously like I said I am a
big a big component of it but I’ve done a
lot of content on my channel about the brave browser and I can’t see any reason
not to use it guys like if you’re using Chrome right now give it a go
I’ll put all the links in description to download the brave browser if you use
the link below really help support the channel as well and you get you know you
can download it in 15 seconds it just it just takes no time at all you can also
get it on mobile as well and to be fair the mobile version it’s better it’s not
bad obviously they’re different right but the the reason the mobile version is
good is because on your mobile you spend money every month on data right it costs
you money to go on the website so if you’re not loading up any adverts your
data will last longer and that’s just a you know with with the laptops usually
you’re connected to Wi-Fi so it’s not a massive issue and you have ad blocker
but with applications on your phone you know it’s difficult to bypass that so
yeah really good to save money as well I wanted to do that video please comment
below as well do you use the brave browser do you think it’s good bad ugly
whatever what do you think about this articles I think it’s really cool that’s
pretty much it guys that’s all I want to go through like I always say like
subscribe hit the bell if you wanna keep being this kind of content I will see
you guys in the next video have a good day Cheers bye

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