Bridgestone Arena: Best seats at Hockey games in Nashville

Hey guys it’s Matt here Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, not normally associated with hockey But let me tell you Smashville as its known to the locals goes off, and I have a hot tip for those of you seeking a seat to watch the national Predators in action. Nashville Predators tickets can get quite expensive So most people are going to be looking to get the cheap seats in their 300 section, which is the top level section… but sections 313 through 322 Significantly lower than the rest of the arena So you are a lot lower and closer to the ice than what you should be if you were sitting in the other 300 sections Take a look at this. So we are sitting in section 321 But if we look to our right we see club seats, you know 200 level tickets that go for hundreds of dollars As we paid, you know I think it was 60 bucks for our tickets and we are in such a good spot, so Anyone heading to Bridgestone Arena in Nashville just needs to get their hands on some tickets between 313 and 322 and they’ll have the best time. Go Preds!

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