Bridgewater Baseball Wins at Rival Shenandoah

not bad for Bridgewater he’s gonna swing
on the first pitch and drive that one right now that ball is gonna get out
like we said the ball is gonna be flying today as it is warm and the wind is
blowing out hard in that direction and there fastball that was away and that
one’s gonna be pieced into right all the way to the corner that’s gonna be two
might be three as Thompson throws up his hands gonna be ground rule double
musta rolled under the fence out there in the corner that’s gonna get them a
run yeah and as he mentioned he’s one of the ones who has a home run he’s gonna
keep this one up into the gap it’s gonna drop in there likely score two here
for the Eagles so they’re gonna regain the lead unless there’s a play at the plate okay
lays there that’s gonna drop in so two and maybe three guys Thompson fell down
in the outfield so now the Eagles are going to take a three run lead and again
the bullpen woes continue for the Hornets here as they have now given up
seven runs in the seventh inning two-two pitch on the way gonna swing through it the hornet have dropped one here at

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