Bridgewater Softball Starts 2020 3-1 at Home

The 0-2. That ones hit deep into the gap that should
drop it does gets all the way to the wall. And swing and a miss got her chase one outside. And lines that right up the middle that should
score two and it will. Deep fly ball going back towards the wall
and its its a home run. Sends the left fielder crashing into the wall
and Sydney Layman the pinch hitter her first at bat of the season. And she hits that deep thats going to be gone. Way over the left field wall a two run homer
for Kat Martin. That ones hit deep thats got a chance and
that is gone a pair of two run homers for the Eagles in the first inning its already
four nothing. And tees off on that good bye almost back
to the baseball dugout two monster home runs to left field by Kat Martin today. One two pitch low and gets her swinging two
straight strikeouts to end the inning. Grounded to second and shes safe. So Wimer is on. Shifflett now. And thats going to be over the head of the
left fielder that’s going to score another run. Their going to hold the runner at third. Thomas swings at the first pitch base hit
up the middle there going to send the runner and safe.

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