15 thoughts on “Bright Paragliding video with info for my family

  1. Very nice movie ! If I may give you a humble advice, my paragliding instructor always tells all the student to sort the brakes first and really put them as far away as possible to the other lines, I found out it's a real benefit to both sorting out the lines and most importantly, the take-off itself ; )

  2. That's a good call, I still have plenty to learn and will be trying this technique over the winter ground handling sessions – thanks for the comment mate πŸ™‚

  3. U-turn Alpine Peak 2 – a beginner-rated but very lightweight wing, harness is a U-Turn IQ6 – very light one which reverses into a very nice backpack for climb/fly missions.

  4. Hi Jorge, thanks mate. I installed the footrest myself, it's just some flat strap double stitched around the feet for a bit of rigidity.

  5. Wow that launch surface looks great. I flew there many years ago and it was covered in old rubber matting with big chunks missing everywhere.
    Nice flying Ben….one small bit of advice if I may. Try and get into the habit of taking half a second to glance up at your wing on forward launches when you feel the tension take-up on your risers. Sometimes what you "feel" isn't the same as what the wing is really doing.
    Stay safe and Have Fun.

  6. Yeah it's a pretty nice launch now! Thanks for the advice. I noticed that when I reviewed the vid. Have been coastal for a while now and used to reverse launches, defo trying to stay in good habits. Cheers πŸ™‚

  7. nice one Brett!! By any chance to you have any PICTURES of your IQ6 harness in FLIGHT?? Id LOVE to see how the seat can angle back and how inflated the seat gets…there is VERY little info on the web about this product, and Im interested in buying one myself. Thanx. [email protected]

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