Bro vs Bro NHL Hockey Challenge & Scavenger Search for the Missing Playmobil Toys!

This video is sponsored by Playmobil. [Kids playing] Aah! And he hits it.
And he hits the hockey! And it looks like he goes through! Jack steals it!
Oh no! [Boys playing] He hits it in and he scores! He goes down to the field. He’s taking some big hits. And he hits it in! Yeah! Boys! [Boys groan] Time to come in and wash up for dinner! Oh, man!
Aah! Well, it’s all tied up. What should we do about it? Well, it’s getting dark anyways. Let’s take this game inside
and play with our NHL Arena. That’s a great idea! Let’s go! [Energetic music] K, are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. Three, two, one! Go! [Boys playing] Whoa! Oh snap.
Oh snap, no no no. Yeah! [Audience cheering] One point! Yes! Go! Haya. Yes!
Scores! [Audience cheering] Yes, I have one point! [Cheers] Okay, I’ve blocked it. Boys, come down for dinner. [Boys groan] Dangit! Well, it’s time to take the Zamboni. Bzzz. Boys, are you coming? Ah, yeah.
Yeah! [Suspenseful music] Wait a minute, what’s that? Huh? [Gasps] It’s Jasmine’s secret candy stash! Let’s hide it in our room. Yeah! And we’ll eat it after dinner. Yeah, come on. I got an idea. Put it under our pillow. Yeah, nice job. [Hands clap] [Jack cheers] [Gasps] Where’d my candy go? I know my candy was here. [Gasps] I bet the boys took it. Where is it, where is it? I bet it’s behind this big huge bear. Darn it. [Upbeat music] Yes! I found it. Does it still have candy in it? Yes! I knew it was them. If they take away
something important for me, I take something important from them. What should I take? Their hockey stuff, that’s what I’m going to take. [Upbeat music] Oh, you can lock it. Well that’s easy to carry. [Energetic music] [Paper rustling] What? What, where’s our hockey arena? I don’t know, but what’s this? [Gasps] She took our hockey set! “Dear boys, I know you
took my hidden candy.” “If you want your
Playmobil Hockey Set back,” “you’ll have to follow these clues.” “‘Roses are red, violets are blue.” “‘You jump with a jump rope
and on this thing, too.'” Hmm. What’s something you jump on? [Gasps] Our trampoline! [Energetic music] The trampoline, the trampoline! Look, there it is! Ah, I found it! I found the clue.
Come on, come on. Yes! The next clue says, “With twinkling lights
and a shining star,” “You’ll have to look under.” “It’s not very far.” Under it? Twinkling stars? [Boys] Hmm. Twinkling lights with a– [Gasps] [Boys] Christmas tree! [Energetic music] Let’s go. The Christmas tree. Christmas tree. Christmas. It said under the Christmas tree. Yeah. It must be in this present.
Yeah, yeah. We found it!
We need this, we need this! We found the Zamboni,
scoreboard, and referees! That stinker, Jasmine. She hid all our stuff. Well, we did hide all of her candy. Let’s read the next clue. “Lullabies and blankets, too.” “Within this room is your next clue.” Lullabies and blankets. Where would that be? [Gasps] Kyler’s room! Yeah! Let’s go drop these off at our room while we find the next clue. Okay. Yeah, Jack. You were right. It must be in this room. Lullabies and blankets. Look under here. Yes! We found the next NHL toy. And there’s another clue. Yes. “Pots and pans and silverware too,” “In this room you’ll find the next clue.” [Gasps] The kitchen! [Energetic music] Here’s the stove. Oh, I found it! Yes, we found the next hockey toy. And we found the next clue. “This is where the bogeyman hides,” “And your last item does reside.” “Never take my candy again!” Where does the bogeyman live? ♪ The bogey, bogey, bogeyman ♪ ♪ The bogey, bogey, bogeyman ♪ Wait! Maybe under our bed! [Energetic music] Where would it be?
Nope, not under mine. Not under mine. [Gasps] What about Jasmine’s bed? Yes, yes, yes. Yes, here it is! Let’s take it back to our room and put it with our other NHL toys. We followed all the clues and we found all of our hockey toys. Sweet. Now we can play for the Stanley Cup. It’s the Toronto Maple Leafs! [Audience cheering] Versus the New York Rangers! [Audience cheering] We played the first period outside and it was 2-2. We played the second period
on this Playmobil toy, and we each got one goal. Whoever wins the next period gets the Stanley Cup! And I’m gonna win! We’ll just see about that. Three, two, one! Go! [Puck clicks] Haya! What, wait. No!
Yeah! Oh snap, I scored another point on you. Not for long! I’m not scared. Whee! Whoa. Got it. No! Yay! No! Slow he comes left, and
then he comes right. Oh he comes left!
I’m gonna win the Stanley Cup!
And then Jack takes it. And he shoots! I wanted to do that before. Yeah. Yay!
Oh gosh! Yeah. Oh, you scored a point for me! Ah, you won’t score. No, yes! Another point for the New York Rangers! Yes, the New York Rangers won! Yes, we won the Stanley Cup. Oh snap, oh snap. Yes! There you go.
[Audience cheering] Yes, the New York Rangers won. Ah, dangit! Nice game. Yeah, you too. You won’t today, but I’ll win tomorrow. [Upbeat music] Boys can we play? No because you hid our hockey set. Well what if we share some
of our candy with you? Should we do it, Kade? Yeah, let’s do it. Okay, girls. We’ll teach you how to play. Yes! Jazzy, I’ll be your coach. And Kalia, you play with me. Jazzy, first you need to
warm up in the locker room. This is how you do it. You just go around, then when you’re doing a big one, you hold it all the way back. Shoot.
[Toy clicks] Let me give it a try. So I pull it back like this? Yeah!
Oh! While you’re in the locker room, you can pick up weights and you can practice on a practice field. Oh, this is cool. And look right here. The coach can show you the plays. What is this? Oh this is the Zamboni. It cleans the ice,
makes it nice and smooth for the players to play. That’s awesome! Kalia, can you say Zamboni? Zamzoni. What’s this? Oh, this is our locker room. So, we got a cool coach right here. This is his laptop. He’s talking to the player
and giving him plays. This is cool. This is the scoreboard. You just hold this down and
then you push this green button then it starts it. See, look.
[Alarm buzzes] and then, if you get a
point you go like this. [Audience cheering] The crowd goes wild, ah! Those are stickers you can
put on the hockey arena to represent your favorite team. See what we put on ours? Toronto Maple Leafs and
the New York Rangers. The cool thing about the play box is that you can close it up, lock it, and play wherever you want. Each player has a moveable
arm and a hockey stick, for realistic game play. We’re the New York Rangers. And I’m the goalie. I’m the goalie. Three, two, one, action! [Upbeat music] Ah! [Toys clicking] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa! That’s cool, Jazzy. Good try to open the shot. Yeah! I got a point. Ready, set, go! [Upbeat music] [Kids cheering] Kalia made it! I got a winner! Make sure to like and subscribe below. Comment down below and tell us what your favorite hockey team is. For more information about
this cool Playmobil toy, check out the Playmobil website. There’s a link to their website and a description below. Guys when we got this
toy and we set it up, it was so cool. But when we were playing
with it, it was even cooler. My favorite part of the whole toy are these little hockey stick
things and the little ice rink, ’cause you can shoot the puck. It’s really fun. It makes it feel like you’re
really playing hockey.

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