Brookhaven Women’s Volleyball fundraiser

Hi, my name is Cat I’m 19 years old and
I’ve been playing volleyball since I was about 13 Hi, my name is Princess Hamilton
I play for Brookhaven volleyball team as a middle blocker and will be entering
my second year, so I will be a sophomore this year. Hi, my name is Alexis Hattaway
I’m from Wolfe City, Texas. I’ve been playing volleyball since junior high. This season we’re actually doing something new we’re doing a fundraiser
to bring money in to travel for us kind of do a different like traveling
piece and like new equipment, so one really cool thing about volleyball is
yeah we love to play but it’s also a really good like team bonding thing to
like go travel different places with your team we have like a good family
bond as a college team. August 6 is when our fundraiser will start and
that’s about 30 days so from August 6 to September 3 we will have the
fundraiser going, we will send out a link through the email that will give you more
information on it, disclosing everything for the detail. We will be
sending you all out emails and your options to donate to the Brookhaven
volleyball team, you can use a credit card or a check. Hi, I’m Laurissa Zavala I
graduated from the Colony High School in The Colony, Texas and I’m a freshman
middle blocker. Hi, I’m Haley Nelson I graduated from Pearland High School which is in Houston, Texas and I’m a sophomore outside hitter. Hi, I’m Morgan Frisby I graduated from
Richardson High School which is in Richardson, Texas I’m a freshman setter. Hi, I’m Josette Manzano I graduated from from Churchill High School in San
Antonio, Texas and I’m a freshman outside Hitter. Hi, I’m Cat Welge I graduated
Texas Virtual Academy in Garland, Texas and I’m a sophomore libero. Hi, I’m
Daniela Cañas I graduated from Palo Duro High School in Amarillo, Texas and I’m a sophomore opposite. Hi, I’m Princess Hamilton I graduated
from Franklin D. Roosevelt in Dallas, Texas and I’m a middle blocker. Hi, I’m Alexis Hattaway I graduated from Wolfe City High School in Wolfe City, Texas and I’m a
sophomore outside hitter. Hello, I am Jason Hopkins I am the head coach here at
Brookhaven College and this is my 2018 squad. What we are trying to use the
money raised for are our new sets of uniforms as well as some special travel.
We will be having this campaign for 30 days again August 6 through September
3. We do accept credit card and check
donations all donations are tax-deductible. Our goals for this season will be to win
out through our conference win all of our games for conference and then go win
nationals and get a championship ring Thank you for supporting us and we hope
you continue to support us on our journey to win the national championship
this year. I would like to thank you for anything that you are able to support I know that
you know it’s a lot asking for but it’s anything any small contribution would
definitely help us out.

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