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what’s going on everyone man it seems
like got another day another 30 iOS 13 videos I’m gonna try to chill out with
them I have a couple more I want to do and then we’re gonna go back to
scheduled program I think I don’t know but I kinda want to hit on a couple of
we cannot so much hidden features but also hidden but also some of my favorite
features of iOS 13 now I don’t want to talk about like the best ones because I
think I already did a video on that but these were more so like hidden features
almost some things that mostly a lot of people don’t really know about and the
first thing I want to hit on is probably the one that everyone probably knows the
most about and that is within the control center you can actually change
your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings I think a lot of you guys already know
this but if you wanted to change them all you have to do now instead of going
to settings every time you just have to go into your control center for center
to that patient force edge into the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth toggles and be able
to change the Wi-Fi signals that way instead of having to go through there
every single time if you want so you can go in and tap on it you can also go
straight into your Wi-Fi settings or Bluetooth settings straight from here
which is so cool so has definite one of the best hidden features I would say not
so much hidden but kind of a little bit and the next thing is also kind of not a
lot of people have talked about it it’s the new silent switch your notification
so as we all know the volume hunter or whatever it’s different now for the
sound switch everything is also different so I’ll go ahead and turn it
on as you can see we get a little pop up from the top and we turn off you see the
same exact thing and it’s funny

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