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– Good morning, clan. Welcome to day 1356. It’s a Thursday. and something’s going on in the universe because Bryce is ready to go to school before Sierra. That never happens. Usually, Sierra’s standing here. Sometimes Sierra’s already left. She’s already gone and started walking and Bryce is still
grabbing his stuff going, oh I need breakfast. I need to do this. Somehow, he beat sister today. He’s at the door waiting and she’s brushing her teeth still. (barking) And he’s like, what what? Alright guys have a nice day at school. See you soon. Alright, bye. – Bye. – Bye. (light music) – Okay guys, it’s about that time. We pulled the kids out of school. Everyone got dressed and ready for the service and we’re back here at the church. Old church on Litchfield. Heading into the sanctuary. Give them my photo montage and get everything set up. Family’s going to get here first. Get situated and ready and basically get
prepared for the service. You look nice. – Thank you. – [Clintus] Dressed. Look at Bryce. Bryce actually dressed up. You never see this boy dressed up. Looking slick, buddy. Well guys, I honestly didn’t know what to record, what to share. I didn’t want it to be awkward with me having the camera out. Obviously it’s a moment of sadness. A moment of reflection. I had my moments. Everyone had their moments. But it’s nice to see all the family, some old friends and kind of reminisce and catch up, talk about grandpa. That’s what these services are for. Quick stop at the house. Change of clothes. Get a little more casual,
a little more comfy and we’re heading off to
Sierra’s last volleyball game of her rec team. That’s the purple volleyball team. She still has her club team and they kick off their first tournament in three weeks, I think. But we’re going to watch her last game with the rec team. – [Voiceover] Mine. – [Voiceover] There you go. – [Voiceover] Set it up. – [Voiceover] Ready for serve. – [Voiceover] Mine. (cheering) – Mine. – [Voiceover] Mine. – [Voiceover] Get the ball. – Well, Bryce and I had to
leave Sierra’s game early because we got something special planned, something unexpected. We didn’t plan it actually. It was unexpected. Kind of a last minute invite if you will. Bryce doesn’t know. It’s a surprise. And we’re here but he’s asleep so he still doesn’t know. So I got to wake him up and then he’s going to
open his eyes and go, where are we? What are we doing? And I’ve got, they’re basically five
things in front of him that he can be like, are we doing this? Are we doing that? Are we doing this? We doing that? He’s not going to know until we walk up so here we go. Bryce, wake up dude. We’re here. Where we at? – Movie theaters. – [Clintus] What else do you see? – That? – [Clintus] Yeah, what’s that? – I don’t know. – [Clintus] It’s kind
of hard to tell, huh? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Oh yeah, we’re
kind of parked in a bad place. You can’t really tell. – I was going to say Star Wars but that doesn’t come out until tomorrow. – [Clintus] Comes out
tonight, technically. – So we’re watching it? – [Clintus] You haven’t
see the other movies yet. We’re not going to see it yet. Not yet. You can’t tell what it
is over there, can you? – No. – [Clintus] It’s right over
there where we’re going. – What is it? – [Clintus] (laughs) Let’s go find out. Did you just figure it out? – Yeah. – [Clintus] What are we doing? – Hockey game. – [Clintus] We’re going
to a hockey game, dude. You’re first– – Cocky? – [Clintus] I was going
to say Coyotes, I said, this is your first hockey game. – Yeah because I was
like wait where are we? We’re by the Coyote stadium. Hockey game. – [Clintus] Yeah, it’s your
first hockey game, huh? You’ve never been to a hockey game. Alright so Braydon’s mom, Jamie, she works at the arena and she’s the one who, she gave us tickets to something else. What did she give us tickets to? Oh, Nitro Circus last year. – [Bryce] Yeah. – We went to Nitro Circus. She gave us tickets through that and then Bryce went with them this year to Nitro Circus. That’s who went to see
Nitro Circus with this year and so Bryce had said something to her that he’s never been to a hockey game. She’s like, oh well I can get tickets. I can get you tickets to a hockey game and so we’re going to
Bryce’s first hockey game thanks to Braydon’s mom so thank you very much Braydon’s mom. And there it is. Gila River Arena, home of the Arizona Coyotes. They used to be called
the Phoenix Coyotes. Now they’re the Arizona Coyotes like the Arizona Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks. – Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah. Excited? – It’s still Phoenix Suns. – [Clintus] Yeah, there’s
still the Phoenix Suns. Ooh, yeah. Oh yeah. Alright, we made it in. You excited? – And our tickets say row one or it might say row I. – [Clintus] I think it’s an I. I think they’re letters. We’re going to find out though. Either way, we’re down low, right? We’re in the bottom section. Yeah. – Whoo. – [Tiffany] Alright, last game. What do you get every game or last game of every season of– – Surprise. – [Tiffany] Yeah, Surprise. – A trophy. And they always look different. And all the sports since
Grizzly always look the same. so I kind of saw Bryce’s so, and yep, it looks like his. – [Tiffany] Similar? Just a volleyball instead of a baseball? Aw. – That’s like a setting in the ball. Yeah, like the last, one of the trophies we had was like the star saying what it is and then volleyball or whatever sport it is and Bryce got the same thing except baseball. – [Tiffany] It doesn’t, yeah. – [Clintus] Alright, made it to our seats and we got some food. We got some nachos. – [Bryce] Look how close we are. – [Clintus] How close are we? Oh my gosh, we’re really close. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine rows up. I got a bacon cheeseburger poutine. Bryce has got some pork nachos. Start it off right, right? – [Tiffany] You think
you can handle all those? – I think you’ll help me. – [Tiffany] You think? I don’t know. I have my own. (laughing) (light music) – [Voiceover] Arizona Coyotes. Starting out on defense, number five, Connor Murphy. (cheering) – [Voiceover] Head forward number eight, Tobias Rieder. (cheering) – [Clintus] Where’s the puck? There’s the puck. Ooh, in the chest. (buzzing) – Woo. Goal. – [Clintus] Goal. (clapping) We got one, right? We got one back. Now we need to get one
more to tie it up, right? – Yep. – [Clintus] Who’d you find over there? – Uncle Travis and Aunt Jessica. – [Clintus] Uncle Travis and Aunt Jessica. Right over there, huh? – [Bryce] Zoom in. – [Clintus] Right there
in the middle, dude. Right here. Can you see Aunt Jessica’s beanie? – [Voiceover] Get out of there. – Goal. (cheering) – [Clintus] Tied it up, right? Two to two. – Yep. – [Clintus] What just happened? – We scored again. – [Clintus] How fast? – Like three seconds or something. – [Clintus] They just dropped the puck and already scored and the Coyotes just took the lead. Three, two. Woo. We blinked and we missed it. We were all looking down, going oh what’s happening? – [Voiceover] Oh, it is. Hi. – [Clintus] Hi. – [Voiceover] Are you Clint? – [Clintus] Yes. What’s this? – [Voiceover] I’m so sorry. – [Clintus] Thank you so much. – [Voiceover] You’re welcome. I hope you guys are having a good time. – [Clintus] We’re having a blast. Thank you. – [Voiceover] You’re very welcome. – [Clintus] Thank you. – [Voiceover] Enjoy the game. – Did you order this? – [Clintus] No, I didn’t order it. Who do you think ordered it? Who do you think ordered it? Who knows we’re here? – Uncle Travis? – [Clintus] No. Who else knows we’re here? – Jamie? – [Clintus] Yeah, Jamie
ordered this for us. – When? – [Clintus] Just now. We got a custard ice cream sandwich from Rita’s. Yeah. – Oh. – [Clintus] Oh, that’s as
big as your face, dude. – Huge. – [Clintus] It’s as big as your face. – One, two, three. – [Clintus] You can’t
get your mouth over it. (laughing) Just got to take little bites. Little nibbles. – Oh my gosh. Oh, that hurts. – [Clintus] It’s probably frozen. – I’m not even biting it. It hurts when I stretch my jaw. – [Clintus] Oh. (laughing) And these are deep fried
cookie dough balls, cookie pucks with raspberry puree. And then we got some Tim Hortons donuts. Two packs. Those things are amazing. – G-O-A-L Goal. – [Clintus] What’s the score? – Four to four. – [Clintus] Four to four. Well, the Coyotes ended up losing. Right down to the end, they were down six to five and they pulled their goalie and the Blue Jackets ended up getting a puck down the
other side of the ice and scoring another goal and finished the game with 45 seconds left so we ended up leaving but Bryce had an absolute blast. Already wants to go back to another game. He said hockey was super exciting, super fun. So maybe we’ll go to another Coyotes game. I don’t know. I think they’re 14, 15 right now so they’re kind of right there in the midst of the pack but hope you enjoyed today’s video. Kind of an awkward weird day with my grandpa’s service and then going and doing something fun and exciting like that which is good, I guess. Right? Get out of the funk but tomorrow, kids have
a half day of school before they kick off their winter break in the two weeks of no school. Super excited about that. We got Christmas, New Years obviously but with no school means we can do fun things. We can go on trips, they can do sleepovers. All kinds of endless
possibilities for those two weeks. I hope that means we can
do some dirt bike riding. Me and Bryce we’re talking about that in the car today and he’s all for it. I’m all for it. With no school in the way, there’s no reason we can’t
go riding during the week so hopefully we’ll get a couple rides in in the next two weeks. As always if you like the video, be sure to give it a thumbs up. Tap the eye in the sky to see what we did the last three years and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for another day with another vlog and another adventure. Vlog on.

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