BTS de Bangkok ( skytrain, métro aérien ), carte animée, 3D et vidéos ( 2020 )

hello everyone and welcome to this
new video today no face camera. Sorry little technical problem
that I hope to resolve as soon as possible. be tourists or expatriates
the bts of bangkok is essential even a necessity
when you stay or reside in the capital. When you want
move around Bangkok whether it’s for visit or for appointments
professionals you are going to have to do face many constraints and
hazards. To start the distances and the heat. The distances between two streets
or two sites may seem minimal on a plan but are sometimes gigantic
in the Siamese megalopolis. Without speaking crowd in certain streets or
unshaded areas. What to happen swimming and exhausted at your destination.
Then there is the problem of scams. You choose a tuktuk or a
taxi driver, and hello galley. You fall on an honest little driver who you
ride, don’t put the meter and ask an excessive price. Not to mention
traffic jams that are legion and that waste you considerable time.
We also have motorcycle taxis. Personally I only take them
last resort, I tightened the buttocks more than one time. You are at the mercy
a driver who often takes reckless risks and you’re the
only not wearing a helmet. Note also that numbers of companies
insurance does not pay you in the event of an accident
as long as you were a passenger motorcycle taxi. So as far as
possible why not opt ​​for a moving via bts from Bangkok?
No traffic jam, prices displayed, conditioned, clean and secure space
many oars, shops and many of correspondence to lead you in
the main sites of the megalopolis. By the way, if you
know interesting places located near a bts station
Do not hesitate to share the information in comment. The bts consists of two
lines that keep getting bigger. There is the Sukhumvit line which is
40 km long or a little more with the new stations that will be opened.
There is also the Silom line which it is just over 14 km long.
But that’s not all. From bts you can take transfers
that will take you even further. there is for example the line that will take you
straight on to the international airport and I will soon be doing a
video on it. So if the subject of Transport in Bangkok Interested
do not hesitate to subscribe and to click on the little bell.
There is also the underground metro which serves the center and the periphery. For
the two lines of this metro there will be also a video to come.
We can also talk about the line of express bus from the line
Silom. The connection with buses can be a great option
for example if you arrive by the second capital airport, Dong
Muang. It is indeed possible to take an express bus from the airport
and arrive directly for only 30 baht at Mochit station.
From there you will have the choice between taking the bts or the underground metro
depending on your destination. small by the way, Mochit is the
Bangkok bts station which you allows direct access to
famous weekend markets. And finally the general presentation
don’t forget the chao river Praya and its canals winding through the city. Do you know that there are boats taxis that take you on a lot of
exceptional sites like the famous vWat Pho for example.
And then believe me, discover Bangkok from these waterways it’s a
experience to discover. But back to what interests us
today the two main lines bts, Sukhumvit line and Silom line. How does a Bangkok bts station,
with one exception, that we’re going to see right after. All stations
of bts of Bangkok is the same way. There are three levels. First, the ground floor.
These are the access points to enter in the skytrain station.
They are located at the level of sidewalks and lead directly to the level
higher, whether via stairs or escalators.
There are also elevators available for people to
reduced mobility. Be careful this is not the only way
access to the first floor. Indeed some stations are directly
connected to a building, a center business where a mall under
form of walkways. These gateways do not not go from the ground floor, so
from the sidewalk, but leave directly from the building and arrive directly at
first floor. The famous first floor where you find shops,
ticket distributors, ticket offices, entry gates or
exit and access to the tracks of the aerial subway. The skytrain tracks are located on the 2nd floor. It’s there that you will find the two ways to
transport and that’s where the oars of the bts. How do
bts lines? When you have to climb on the second floor to direct you to
the line that will take you to your destination you have two options,
two paths possible. Take the wrong way and you will go into the
opposite direction of your destination. But don’t worry it’s not
complicated. So you have the two lines from bts of Bangkok. The Sukhumvit line and the Silom line. Each of these two lines has two ends, two terminals.
For the Sukhumvit line both Kheha and Kasetsart University terminus. For the Silom line, the two terminals
are Bang Wa and and National Stadium For information, it’s at this station,
the National Stadium, which you will have access to direct to the famous shopping center
MBK. Let’s take a first example simple. You are at Udomsuk station and you want to go to Nana. As you see on this
graphic the oar you’re going borrow Kasetsart University vavers.
To join the train of the bts which you will lead to Nana so it will take
the stairs from the first floor to the second floor, take the stairs or escalator,
with the panel marked Kasetsart University. However when you come back from
Nana to Udomsuk, you will need take the train that goes the other way,
so the one that leads to Kheha. Where the things get a little complicated this is the
Siam station, the one that serves as an exchanger between the two lines. But OK,
nothing insurmountable since you understood the principle explained just
before. in fact if all the stations in bts line of bangkok offer two
possible directions, Siam station offers four directions and therefore has an additional floor.
The ground floor always corresponds access from sidewalks, the
first floor hosts ticket offices as well as the various gateways that
leads to a pedestrian or to different shopping centers.
Ok don’t panic about the videos illustration
I filmed on New Years Eve, there are a little less crowded in normal times.
But still avoid the hours of point. On the second floor you have the platforms which
lead to Bang Wa or Kheha. At third floor you have the docks which
takes you to National Stadium or Kasetsart University. Let’s take a new
example. I’m still in Udomsuk but this time I want to go to
Chong Nonsi in order to go for example to the Belgian Embassy to renew
my passport. First stage, I take the train of the Sukhumvit line towards Kasetsart University and I get off at the station
Siam. I’m on the third floor and I need to
now take the line Silom towards Bang Wa. For
I just have to go down to the second floor and then I take the line
towards Bang Wa. I just have to get off at the station
from Chong Nonsi to go to the Belgian Embassy or elsewhere
according to my wants and needs. Take a transport ticket.
You will find on the net a lot of tutorials that explain the
operation of distributors transport tickets. There are now
new terminals with touch screen on which are represented the two lines
from bts of Bangkok. just choose your station
destination and click to say if you want one, two, three or four
tickets. Then pay yourself. Some terminals accept tickets otherwise you have to go to
ATM to exchange money. For my part I always go through
wickets, I give the name of the station where I want
surrender, I pay and I go out with my title transport. Most of the time, like
I move around a lot, I take a pass-day, it costs 140 baht and I can
enjoy BTS all day long, as much whenever I want, at all stations
until I close until midnight.
There, I think I’ve done everything of the most important elements.
I passed some interesting links in descriptions or on the article by
my blog which is related to this video
I even added some photos of panels with prices, timetables,
etc … So don’t hesitate to go find out
Article. Well here it is, I went around, I finished for today. I introduce you
my tropical greetings to all and feel free to like this video or
share your personal experiences in comments. Bye Bye

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  1. Vrai le B.T.S et vraiment top
    .cleam tele wifi Lumière pour indiquer les stations depasser ou non dans les Wagons

    Vachement plus avancer que le metro a Marseille

  2. Bon a savoir que le B.T.S sagrandi niveau tarif il fau compter combien environ sa se regle en fonction de nombre de station ou pour une certaine duree ?!??

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