BTS Deliver Heartfelt Messages To Their Future Selves For ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ | MTV News

{an2}- 34-year-old me. {an2}The old Nam Joon. {an2}Okay, I’m saying, I’m asking, {an8}”Have you finally got
your driver’s license?” {an8}I hope so! {an8}- Oh, you’re six feet. {an8}- Yeah, yeah. {an8}Thirty-six Jin, {an8}Don’t dance, please. {an8}Your bones are so weak. {an8}Don’t dance, please. {an8}Don’t dance. {an8}- [j-hope] No, keep going. {an8}- No, no.
– [Jung Kook] You can do it! {an8}- [RM] Come on! {an8}- Really, no. {an8}- Yes dance? {an8}- No dance. {an8}- Half and half. {an8}- Half and half, OK.
– Half and half. {an8}- OK! {an8}OK, j-hope, how are you? {an8}(laughing) {an8}Are you happy? {an8}- [Jimin] Yes! {an8}- Please. {an8}Please forever happy.
(laughing) {an8}- [V] OK. {an8}- Love yourself. {an8}- OK. {an8}Hey, hey, JK. {an8}Why didn’t study English? {an8}Please study English. {an8}And please happy, bro. {an8}Please be happy. {an8}Okay, bye bye.

100 thoughts on “BTS Deliver Heartfelt Messages To Their Future Selves For ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ | MTV News

  1. When there PAST see there PRESENT it make heart whelming tears to them because they being so hard work and the result is so amazing that's why there FUTURE gonna be exciting and full of fulfilling and TO US ARMY I know we know that even they have there own lives they will never FORGET US because WE never FORGET how amazing IDOL THEY ARE 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤💜💜💜💜saranghae ARMY and Bts ur bomb our SELF TO BE LOVE AND BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING in the WORLD

  2. I also laugh when J hope will start talking, I hear somebody hush the audiences so they can hear what J hope would say 🤫

  3. This is my opinion. Our confident king Seokjin seems to be so tired n insecured lately! It makes me sad. We all purple you KING SEOKJIN. You've always been good since debut. Your songs n vocals always make me so emotional! You are a great dancer indeed! Please remember we'll be there for you always.

  4. Jin you dance very well. Don't think of yourself as a bad dancer. You dance so well and have improved and polished your skills so much. You make dance so joyful and I instantly feel happy seeing you dance your heart out along with the other members. You're doing so well. Never feel less than anyone because you and the whole bts are stars in my eyes and in every Army's eyes. Ok? Ok.

  5. My face literally hurts from smiling so much like how can I love these men so much?
    From 2013 til now I’m so proud of them wth 😭

  6. Jin talking to his future selfie: Don't dance, please. Your bones are so weak, don't dance please.

    Excuse me what?? What?! You're healthy.

  7. RM: Did you get your drivers license yet?
    Tae: Grow a centimeter more!
    Jin: No more dancing, please!
    Jimin: Always do your best!
    Hobi: Still love yourself!
    Kook: Please study English and be Happy!
    Suga: More healthy and drink less!

    I love these guys so much!!!

  8. Como cuando empiezan a hablar ni !es entiendo pero casi me da un paro cardíaco de la emoción de solo escucharlos ya me desmayo 😂😍😍😍😍

  9. jimin being one of the members who used to struggle the most with accepting himself because of his insecurities, now loving himself. you can really tell that the “love yourself” series was not only a journey for us to love ourselves, but it also fully changed many of the members’ perspectives and they’ve learnt to truly love themselves. it’s like a transformation. they, are what you call real idols to look up to.

  10. THIS really is breaking my heart…them telling their future selves 7 years from now…it means when their contract end 🙁 when probably they gonna put their mics down as BTS ….gosh i am tearing up

  11. Personal opinion, no bashing pls, I just like that Jin, JK and Jhope tried speaking English. Nothing wrong with speaking their native language, its just that for me, the "trying" part really says something.

    Love them 7.

  12. Sugah turned out to be the most down outspoken one and to earth in the group and keeping it real, speaking about real issues,not only the glory of the fame, but also the pressure that comes with it. I think Yoongi out of all members is the most suitable to go solo.

  13. Jiminah, you are as always deep and philosophical.. I am rest assured that i guess this time you have learned to love yourself with your response…this maybe just a glimpse of your soul to ours.. but thank you for taking care of yourself and the members.. keep on loving yourself, because at the end of the day you greatest hero and saviour is yourself… saranghae!

  14. RM, I know you'll prefer to read more or explore more than get your driver's license haha but it's okay you are beautiful, and you are more than drivers license hahaha just get a bicycle haha

  15. Every single one of us who suffers from depression just needs to kidnap Suga, fly him to the Maldives, then sit in a closed room with the ocean surrounding us & let him explain to us how a chronically depressed person like himself can continue to give 99 million other people on this planet a reason to wake up and struggle through one more day tomorrow. We love you, Suga. Thinking of Daegu in these difficult days…

  16. tell me why i teared up when yoongi said 'i love you' to his future self and how you can see he put some deep thought into it before answering 🥺

  17. Jimin is honestly such an inspiration! Working hard to be the best version of yourself is a beautiful way to live your life, I think 💜 And it's so lovely how he sees his future self as a role model, he's trying to be his own hero, isn't that incredible?

  18. Jin, would you STOB IT! Your confidence has inspired millions of people to love themselves. Epiphany is the rallying cry for people promoting self love. When you call yourself 'worldwide handsome', it makes our days brighter. YOU AND BTS ARE ART AND A CULTURAL PHENOMENON!

  19. Jin! Dance! We saw that super hero table move you did during the MMA 2019. There is no getting away from that now. You became the strongest person in BTS with that move. Namjoon did it too but not like Jin.

  20. Namjoon telling himself to get his drivers license in the near future and when he said “I hope so” I felt so soft and isnshajosnrheisndhownebs he is so cute! Also, Jin made me cry bcuz of what he said to his future self…everyone telling them self’s something is so cute! If I would tell myself something it would be “don’t do stupid things like you’re doing right now” and by stupid things I mean by taking my own life, but thx to them, I’m here alive (surprisingly)! I know this is off topic but like 3 or 4 weeks ago, the social worker called me down to give me an “interview” and she told me “what is one thing u love about yourself” I said “nothing” and I just laughed, and then she said “that’s concerning bcuz u supposed to love yourself” in my head I’m like “I will learn when I want to” like what kind of stupid question is that?! I’m barely learning how to love myself and this B* is telling me to do so?! And when she said “that’s concerning” I was about to tell her “u know I was suicidal since like in September!!” Like what the F is that question?! And also I was planning to jump off a bridge like 5 weeks ago thx to my stupid teacher! She made me cry after school bcuz I was “ditching” (in her response) and I was about to say “I don’t need to do ur stupid work!” I also have problems with 2 of my teachers and I wish I could be dead…I hate 1 of my teachers bcuz she’s making me do all my work and I’m not gonna be able to hang out with them until I’m finish, thankfully, I finish another work from another teacher I have problems with, but the teacher that she made me cry, hell nah! Each 2 of my teachers are putting me into a more deep depression and I hate to say but “taking my own life is better than suffering my own pain”. From BTS, 2! 3! Is 1 of my fav songs bcuz their is meaningful lyrics (like their other songs) that are are strong for me to remember…in their song On, my fav lyric is “Can’t hold me down cuz’ you know imma fighter” bcuz it reminds me of my own self, not to give up on anything! I’ve been a fan since December 18, 2017, and for me to find out all about the struggles they’ve gone through, makes me want to cry and to be strong bcuz I want everyone in my school, family, ect… to be happy, thx to BTS & army for everything (messages basically) my grades are going up lil by lil, thx to Army and them, I could start loving myself and finding my true identity 😊! I still have a long way to go from me being only 12 (turning 13 on March 23) and in the 7th grade! If I can tell them one thing, it would be “keep on being strong! And whatever haters r telling u, don’t listen to them, listen to Army bcuz we r here for u! And if they wanna fight u, they have to fight us first!” Thx BTS and army for everything u guys done

  21. Jin, please know you are a role model to a lot of us. Don’t feel insecure about not being perfect at dancing. It’s okay, your huge improvements make you even more admirable and inspiring. We love you. Thank you for existing 🙂

  22. “i hope you’re happy and healthy. i love you.” this hits way too card when you know yoongi’s past. i’m crying

  23. 2:16 woah it was all fun and I was laughing at their goofy selves but this line just made me teared 😢 I have yet to love myself so it really hit me in the feels….it's a tough and continuous journey

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