BU Badminton Club

A lot of people would think that badminton
was just something that you play in your backyard. And, when they come here and they see the
bird flying across the court, it gives them quite a bit of a shock. When I came to the states I actually noticed
many people know what badminton is, but not many people, like, watch it on TV or actually
play it themselves. In Asia, I can say that it’s really huge. Even in Africa, cause I spend a lot of time
in Africa as well. Even there a lot of people play badminton. So badminton is similar to tennis in the way
that you have the racquet, but the main difference is in the format of the game. Most sports play with a ball, but we play
with a shuttlecock, or a birdie as we like to call it. It’s very interesting in that you can actually
slice it really well, and it’ll change the aerodynamics of the bird so it flies down
really fast. It’s actually a very fast sport. Your reaction
time needs to be really, really good. If you play it really well, then it’s going
to be intense, it’s going to be fast, you have to react, like, immediately to it. I mean I’m not famous for my fitness, but
it’s, like, really crazy, and I think that it’s known as one of the fastest racquet
sports out there, so it’s definitely faster than tennis. You have to be able to go for at least, like,
an hour, two hours straight just going back and forth, back and forth. For the BU badminton club my hope is that
in a few years we’ll be traveling. Not just in Boston, but we’ll go around the country
and really compete at the intercollegiate level and really show them what we’re made

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