BU Hockey Pre-Game Rituals and Superstitions

Superstitions have been around the hockey
community for as long as the game’s been played. I think it’s just like a normal thing in
hockey. We’re just, we’re weird, and we enjoy
it. Ever since I was a little kid the first pair
of skates I got, I went to the store, and I bought neon green lace. One year my coach told me and a bunch of the
girls told me like you need to take that out so I ended up putting it in my pants, and
I’ve had it in my pants ever since. I tape my stick the same way every time. I’ve been tapping my stick the same way
since I can remember. I have my girlfriend pick out my suit and
the combination and everything. I have no style whatsoever but she keeps me
going. Well I wouldn’t qualify it as a superstition,
but I have my few quirks I would say. I like to catch green grapes in my mouth. So a teammate will throw them, and I’ll
try to catch them all over the place, and it gets pretty insane, but that’s my quirk. So before every game or in between warm ups
the first and the second me and Cook do a little [clack] just for a good laugh, you know? I think if I, if we, don’t do a stick tap
something might happen. Yeah once the stick tap was involved, I think
that we really stepped up our game. Yeah Maddie started scoring lots of goals. Yeah, Cook stopped turning over the puck. [cheering] Some of the goalies do some pretty crazy stuff. I feel like they can be like a little bit
extra, weird, so to speak. Goalies. Goalies. Goalies. Goalie. So weird. So I’m Erin O’Neil. I’m the goalie, the weird ones in hockey
I guess. We like to think of ourselves as unique not
weird. I’ve got a spot up in the stands. Section 12, row M, seat 8 or something like
that. But was I right?
[Off-camera: Section 12, seat M, row M, seat 8.]
Seat 8. Eight, yup. Yup. I think that’s it, yeah. I don’t know I just sat there my freshman
year my first game, and I just liked it. It’s right on the blue line. It’s nice. I don’t know. [Off-camera] You’re so unique. I know. I know I’m unique. See look they’re picking up. Normally a lot of times goalies have a lot
of superstitions, but I don’t have any. A long time ago I just tried to erase that
habit of building superstitions and just try and kind of focus on me feeling my best and
playing my best. I think they’re just a way for you to get
off your game, like if you don’t do something, it’s going to mess you up or like oh, I
didn’t tap the boards twice or something or… I don’t know I think the only thing that’s
going to get you off your game is yourself, so it’s just one more thing that can get
you off your game. I used to have them a lot back in the day
when I was like 14 ,15. And then it kind of made me like think of
that too much, and not think of the actual game I was going to play, so it kind of had an impact on my game to
be honest so that’s why I tried to stop with everything. In the end people like to believe in some
other power whether it’s whatever the hockey gods or anything, so I think just like a ritual is just something
that you need to do that gets you in the zone, and gets you in the feeling of control, and it helps your game in the end I think,
as long as you don’t think it controls everything.

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