Buffalo Sabres Join Hockey Fights Cancer Campaign

I’m Ed Warden. I’m 92 years old. Life’s been good to me. Seen a lot of wonderful things
happen in the world. Just glad to be here. I am 4, almost gonna turn 5. My name is Andre The Warrior. It was just destined to be
his name. You know, it’s who he is,
it’s what he displays everyday. Andre has a robust personality. I always say he loves out loud. Do you see me? That’s me. You think about not having him, to remind you of
your purpose in life. How does my healthy little boy
have a tumor? Everything else is a blur. I didn’t go to Roswell
’till I was 90. I knew I was sick. I didn’t
know what was going on. They decided it was
colon cancer. It was just kinda a shock
more than anything else. It’s a feeling of – you just
lost your grip… …on your entire life. It is wanting to take the
burden off of your child. And mom’s my first nurse. I have to give Andre a shot
twice a day. He’ll pull back the shirt,
wipe the alcohol and tell her When are you gonna teach
me how to do my own shot? I wanna do my own shot. And he’ll look at you
put the Band-Aid on, and then he’ll go tackle
his brother. He shouldn’t have to
be this brave. He shouldn’t have to
go through this. Don’t matter who you are.
There’s no age limit. Cancer effects everybody. I’m proof of that I guess. Roswell? Good. They’re nice. My wife swore by Roswell. She thought it was the greatest
place since sliced bread. They’re good.
They’re very nice. I believe in what Roswell does. And I believe in the
comprehensive care that they provide. I know that my son
is getting the best care. Are you crying? I am. ‘Cause I love you. I love you too Mom. And I love you too Dad. I love you too Dre. Time is day by day. Life is day by day. And moments mean so much. If I had anything to say
to you, I’d say… …be a good citizen. Do the best you can to help
other people along the way. We’re moving forward for
Andre’s future. You realize that everyone
has their own story. I don’t have a clue as to
why I’m 92 years old. I guess the man upstairs
don’t want me yet. I still got something to do
here before I’m done.

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