BWF Endorsement

Despite pervasive attacks on our communities,
our identities, and our lives, Black Trans and cis women, femmes, gender-nonconforming
and nonbinary folk remain at the forefront of each and every social movement to hold
this country accountable. We are progressive Black leaders who are not
impressed by political theater. We know that big things are possible when
Black women come together and take our own space in the political process. And though no one person could hold all our
aspirations and hopes for a president, there is one leader who we believe will work with
us. That candidate is Senator Elizabeth Warren She has a track record of taking on the predatory
policies that harm our communities. We’ve come together as a collective voice
and hope to encourage others, especially Black women and gender nonconforming folks, to join
us. We are All in for Warren and if you are too,
we invite to go to, sign the endorsement statement and join us.

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