BYU at UMass Full Game Highlights

nowhere near the quality. Blaine: Their offense is great. 100th in country. Dave: Where we like them. To the highlights. Here is Zach picking up 57 yards to Tyler Allgeier. Blaine: Almost like UMass gave up at the end of the play. I like him catching that swing pass and taking it down the sideline. Dave: Nice pass to the sideline. Tanner: Talon Shumway, one of the most underrated or unassuming players. He makes a lot of tough catches. Dave: Second quarter, lopini Katoa into the end zone. 14-0. On the ensuing kickoff, yeah — David: This is the holding pent. The running back thought they are responding. Maybe keep this tight. Blaine: They reviewed it and it was a clear hold. Dave: Wilson 48 yards to Shumway. Shumway has had a good couple of weeks. This makes it 21-0. And the route is on. They’ll come back — tanner: With the face mask and all. Blaine: Enforce that on the kickoff. Get out of bounds. We don’t need that. # Tanner: You can tell from his interview he is a competitor. Blaine: No question. Dave: Allgeier, Katoa, the Tom three rushes, 4.#, 6.2 and Mcchesney 15.2-yard average. Dave: 44 yards to the end zone. Blaine: 44-yarder, 62-yarder. David: This was the most impressive run of the afternoon. Took a blow, got on his feet, got in the end zone. Tanner: This quarter cougars looked impossible. Dave: Nwigwe interception. Tanner: The record was 36 against Washington state in 1990. Dave: Gunner Romney for the touchdown as they take the turnover and cash it in. 42-0. David: Dayan ghanwoloku, good job. Dave: Here is hifo, getting around the corner. Blaine: They try to figure out how ho run this fly sweep. Tanner: I guarantee San Diego state will be repping that heavily in practice. Dave: 49-0 at halftime. Cougars cough up the ball. Romney on the fumble. David: Offensively, defensively, great game. Special teams, not so great. Y have to clean that up. You can’t have miscues on the road against San Diego state. Blaine: Turnover turns into points. Tanner: Lost the shutout. Blaine: That’s right. Tanner: Coach talked about this, the third string and fourth string reps here is valuable. It wasn’t as clean as he would have liked to have seen it. It is an amazing thing when you have depth. They can still work those backups. Dave: How about Mcchesney running away with it. Blaine: 62-yarder. He runs away from the defensive backs. David: That right there is the whole line doing their job today. Dave: UMass, second half, moving the football. With 24 points outscoring BYU in the second half. Tanner: This is an amazing play by Livingston, quarterback in high school, converted to safety. Amazing goal line stop. Dave: Third down. Blaine: This set up a goal line stand. Dave: Where is nwigwe. Blaine: He had a very good football game. He has come on in his new position. Dave: Nobody is catching this fellow here. Ally goes into the end zone. Tanner: Unfortunate to see the backups giving up big plays. Dave: BYU running the clock down. Mcchesney coming back in after he goes out with a sprained ankle.

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  1. Hey guys…thanks for the highlights. Next time, could you do a 5-minute review of the replay video on your own before recording you commentary for us to hear? That would help you skip the long pauses and….uh…what are we watching?

  2. All I know is that I played a friend of mine. It was bill walsh college football. I asked him which team has the most white guys he said BYU. That is the team I took. He said good luck and laughs. I had 12 seconds left after he tried to run the clock out and I beat his ass with all streaks down the sideline and the brother team he was using lost. Kills him to this day because he wanted to beat me and he thought that all white guys couldn't beat his brother power house…..wrong

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