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GUEST: When I was in college, one of my favorite
professors, my philosophy professor, Ron, became one of our closest friends. And we’ve been friends now 30 years. He and his wife don’t have their own kids,
so they’ve always taken a special interest in my son, who is a huge baseball fan. And when he was eight or nine years old, they
noticed he was collecting baseball cards. So they said, “Hey, we’ve got some baseball
cards.” These were cards that Ron collected when he
was a little boy. I didn’t know a lot about them. There were several hundred. And I sort of flipped through and found the
ones that I recognized as being influential or important players. APPRAISER: Well, let’s go over your picks. And I think you did okay. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: So what you’ve got, essentially,
is many of the 1950s Hall of Famers. You’ve got Sandy Koufax, Ted Williams, and,
again, you’ve got quite a few Ted Williamses. You got Harmon Killebrew. Al Kaline, Yogi Berra, Jackie Robinson, Warren
Spahn. You’ve got Ernie Banks, closer to you. Roberto Clemente, Monte Irvin, over here. Of course, Hank Aaron. More Ted Williams. GUEST: (laughing) A particular… APPRAISER: More Hank Aaron. You are missing arguably one of the most important
cards in the Mickey Mantle. GUEST: Oh, I know. When these arrived in the mail, I called my
dad, because my dad was a huge baseball fan. And he said, “Stop what you’re doing. Is there any Mickey Mantle card in there?” And so that was the first thing I looked for,
and we didn’t have any Mickey Mantles. APPRAISER: That was the first thing I looked
for. GUEST: (laughing) APPRAISER: These are all Topps cards from
1954 to 1956. And this is an era when they were called the
Topps Chewing Gum Company. Now they’re popularly known as Topps. So within your collection, you’ve got the
Sandy Koufax rookie, you’ve got two of them. Did you know any of this information when
you were picking them? GUEST: I tried to make educated guesses. I looked on the back of the card, and if they
only had one year of data represented, I figured that must be their rookie card. But it was truly a guess. APPRAISER: A lot of these cards do have just
one year, but it’s a prior year. GUEST: Oh. APPRAISER: So it wasn’t necessarily their
first year. It was their most recent performance, okay? GUEST: I see. APPRAISER: Ted Williams is a great example. This is now toward the end of his career. GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: In ’56. That was not his rookie card. GUEST: Uh-huh, got it. APPRAISER: You do have some rookie cards. Do you happen to know which ones they are? GUEST: I think we figured out, maybe this
is Hank Aaron’s rookie card, but that’s a guess. APPRAISER: Bingo. Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax. So good work, okay? GUEST: Yay! APPRAISER: Condition is everything with baseball
cards. For example, you look at the corners of the
cards. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: You look at the even spacing of
the lines, and generally, whether there’s any paper loss, any foxing and discoloration. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: Card creators are going to hate
hearing me say this, but they’re finicky people. GUEST: (laughs) GUEST: And on a scale of one to ten, ten being pristine and undamaged in every respect, you’ve got about an average of twos, and that affects value. GUEST: Okay. APPRAISER: Of course, the tens, that’s what you read about. GUEST: Yeah, right. APPRAISER: That’s retirement money. GUEST: Yeah, right. APPRAISER: But you’ve got twos. GUEST Okay. APPRAISER: At auction, these that we selected–
you have more, but we selected just these– are worth $3,000 to $5,000. GUEST: Oh, wow, that’s awesome! APPRAISER: These three in particular, Hank Aaron’s rookie cards… Yeah. …can each sell in this condition for
around $800. GUEST: Okay, that’s good to know. APPRAISER: Okay? GUEST: Awesome– thanks! APPRAISER: That Clemente card, in perfect
condition, is a $15,000 card. GUEST: Oh, wow. APPRAISER: If it’s a perfect card. GUEST: I see.

77 thoughts on “Ca’ d’Zan, Hour 1 Preview | 1954-1956 Topps Baseball Cards | ANTIQUES ROADSHOW | PBS

  1. Shame they weren't in great condition, but that's why the ones that are near mint/gem mint are worth so much. They're just that much more rare. You can get a PSA 2 Hank Aaron Topps Rookie on Ebay right now for just over $900.

  2. I smile and take a deep breath when I see Baseball Cards on The Antiques Roadshow…… Can't begin to comprehend how many "cards" I had back as a young boy along with my twin brother…and we decided to put them into the spokes of our bikes after hearing and seeing them in other kid's bikes one Summer….we too wanted to Be Cool…..LOL….. The Sound of Money going down the streets that summer…..Oh Well…..We still survived! Cheers From Ohio

  3. I think those are better than 2's probably 3 to 5 grades, I wouldn't take this experts opinion as gospel, I would send them into PSA before selling any

  4. He was low balling her to maybe make. A deal off camera.Thos ‘54 Aaron cards alone go for 2k in PSA5.There’s no way they were 2’s as he stated

  5. I have $2800 for you lady. I'm ready to buy. Sell now markets good dont hold onto them they wont go up. I'll pay what the pro told you they were worth. Lol

  6. Those 3 hank rc
    Worth 15k. Ted Williams worth about 5-7k.
    Get your cards graded. Then Go On EBay And See Them Sell In The Grade You have. Then you know the true value. This guy has no clue. And if he does. .he's low balling the estimate.

  7. That’s weird I went to a card convention w mint classic cards these jerks that own stores wouldn’t buy any of them I rather throw them away then get ripped off by these scammers

  8. This "expert" is either clueless about baseball card grading and value in the current market or looking to buy them at a much lower than retail price.

  9. He prolly hit her up after the show and tried to buy them for the low ball price he gave her. This guys is nuts, nice collection

  10. Absolutely horrible appraisal. Those three Hank Aaron cards are at least a 4 and worth well over 5 grand on their own. The Killebew is a rookie…ugh. I hope she didn’t sell these and asked for a second opinion

  11. I believe Mantle signed with Bowman Cards exclusively those years and the expert doesn't know his work.
    There's a Kaline rookie tucked in there by the Killebrew rookies as well.

  12. A PSA grade of 2 looks like all 4 corners have been rounded with sandpaper! In other words, pretty badly damaged and worn. These cards are most certainly are at LEAST 4'S with absolutey no doubt in my mind.

  13. Insanely grossly undervalued!! I'd in a heartbeat buy this collection for $3-5k. And these are not 2s. There are more like 5s up to 7s from what I can see. Amazing collection!

  14. Guy just seemed to me like he hasn't graded many cards. He did say she had more also so if he is putting that average of 2 on all of them I guess that makes sense. But those Aarons are WAY better than 2's. And after watching this a little closer a lot of these cards are in primo condition. I pray she got another opinion…

  15. Something he didn't mention,the first and last cards in those sets can be as much if not more than some rookie's. Especially those Ted's. 54 set he was first card AND last.

  16. Wow who is this guy? Those Aaron’s are easy 7+ and in the 8-12k range at that grade. 2s have paper loss and creases. This guy must grade for BGS lol

  17. What a joke that guy knows nothing about grades he shouldn't even be on the show talking about cards send them in to psa they'll come back better then 2's more like 4's an that's a big difference

  18. Would it be too much for Antiques Roadshow to find someone who knew at least a LITTLE about baseball cards. These are 1954-56 Topps. He mentions her missing the Mickey Mantle, but Mantle did not appear in 1954-55 Topps because he was under exclusive contract with Bowman. Those Koufax's are 4 or 5 in quality, and those alone would fetch $3K at auction. The Aarons also. She probably has more than $15K worth here. And he doesn't mention the two '54 Ted Williams bookends will fetch high since they are so rarely found in above-fair condition.

  19. I truly hope this woman did NOT sell these cards for the valuation provided by this “expert” i hope that she is either smart enough to get a real expert to look at these to provide a true valuation; and/or sees all these comments before even considering selling. I’m all for a good deal, but this “expert appraiser” is an absolute joke.

  20. Wow that "Expert" is clueless. He seems like the Show needed a Card Expert and grabbed one of the Cameramen "Hey you! Go clean up, toss on this clean shirt, and come back" He literally gave no real information on the cards, and no way are those 2's! I know there were real closeups, but those were some of the best conditioned 50's cards of those Stars/RCs I've seen!

  21. Those corners are sharp on most. This guy j wants to buy them. Extremely low appraisal. I hope she didn’t sell them to him.

  22. That grouping is worth over 10 grand, possibly more. Those are not 2's. 4 at the lowest. Although we cant see the backs

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