Hello everyone today I will talk about a common shot Lot of you asked me to do about this. So today I will talk about deception shots at the front. Deception is kinda simple. I think when you first learn how to do deceptions. Try to do it simple first. Do not over doing it like try to make it complicated. That’s not good for you. So now I will show you guys how I hit deception shots. First of all if you want to learn deception I think you should just stand and practice your hand skill. You have to spend more and more time to practice to build the feels and your confidence. So it gonna look like this. As you see I always catch it high. I will guess where the shuttle gonna drop. When I go hit the shuttle I have to know where I’m gonna hit it. For example the shuttle drop right here. But I want to hit it lower than where i catch it. I catch the shuttle high up. But I want to make contact down here. Always catch it high first. Like you want to trick your opponent. Catch it high. but hit it lower. You don’t want to catch it up and hit it up. Practice more and spend time with it. So you know and also experience it where the shuttle gonna drop, how to hit it, how to feel it. Stand and practice your racket skill first. Just like that guys. Catch up hit it low. Remember always hit a side. don’t make it to close to your body. That’s the most basic deception you can use in games. That will surprise your opponent. Try to be simple first like I said. If you try too much. You will not able to learn the feel and the confidence. Hit it a side of you. That’s better for you. That’s my forehand. Now I will do my backhand. but Same idea okay guys. Just like this. a side of you. Like you know there are a lot of deception shots in badminton. As you see I just did the basic one. Just go up and change it quick to low. Now I will pause a bit the I will hit it. In this one you have to train your wrist strong. But If your wrist not as strong. Then you just can use a basic one that I showed. Now I will show you the pause one or you can call it a hold shots. As you see the body language is important and You have to go and be on top of the shuttle. Go up Catch it high. then you move your hand down and quick your wrist.


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