Let’s go!!! – Oh, yeah, it’s been fourty five minu… seconds C’mon, go! Low battery, what a nice start. – Low battery? – Got one! Got Lilian – I’m running away! I think there is one in our spawn judging by the trail here
– Oh, you mean, Maléfique? – Oh no! – What is this violence? I’ll take revenge You are warned There, avenged! Why is it always when I’m recording videos that everyone decides to call? I haven’t found anyone yet Oh, just have! Assa Squid! Hidden in the broomsticks – That was so close – Maca! That was good! You dodged my Splashdown, one inch only – Eh, you, over there! – No! I’m out of ink – I’m ending your pain Assa Squid – An old Japanese guy killed me – There he is Ha ha ha, nice one – Someone must be close to the thing because it moved forwards I got busted, that was really fast – F*ck, Evil, you blew my hiding place, you asshole – No, I’m not – This is so stressful seeing bombs flying right before your eyes
– I had found someone – Ok, and can we use the special weapons, or not? – Yes, you can. Ho la la, I can see someone lagging, I don’t know who that is Assa Squid isn’t moving any onger. – Hi! – How did we do, in the previous Splatoon, to prevent people from going to the Spawn? – No! – Hey, look, I’m gonna blow your hiding place! – I’m not sure if Santithur is playing hide and seek or cat and mouse, actually He is constantly running here and there He’s not playing the same game
Slaloming between the seekers, this is really funny – Shit! – Oh no! – This hiding spot is perfect – Careful, run, run, they’re coming There is only one person painting in the pink team Inking.
– Ho, we just lost someone – Ha, who got dc’d?
– Ha, Iva – You are no longer here, Iva It’s been twenty seconds since I got dc’d – Four, three, two, one
Watch your ass, guys, we’re coming – Leave my ass alone, please – Iva, Iva, I… Ho, you bitch
– Lilian, I’m just a diversion – What?
– I’m not the one who splats people – Iva’s violence, ladies and gents. – I didn’t mean to.
– She kills me twice, et she says she didn’t mean to do so. – You’re the only one who think of exploring – Yeah, because I do the same – Evil – Yes? – Hmm, I’m not gonna say it – Whispering in a microphone is useless, you know that, right? Speaking of Evil, where is he?
– But still, two people just ran right beside me and they didn’t see me – You’re in a good position, really – You seem really confident – I’m not, but… – Hi!
– Oh, Hello! – I think he is taking risks for his subscribers – I am, for a more interesting video – So, give some thumbs up – This guy sold his soul to the Devil – This is nice, actually – This is genius as a spot
I just found it – [Bad French pun]
– Pfff If I could manage to… I’m sticking out just a little but… – They won’t find you
– I don’t know They’re getting close
– If EvilSquid is more or less at the same spot… – They’re close Ooh la la
– You’d better run – Ooh la la – Run! – Run! Run! You’re gonna die – No I’m not, I’m not
– He gonna try again, for sure – I’m not here
– Or you can create a diversion – No, but, no, but
– Hey, there is no milk – No what?
– You’re right – There were some cartons of milk in the first Splatoon – Milk? – Yeah, some cartons of milk in the vending machines – Wait, wait, wait
– Hello, It’s Pumba Hey you, over there!
– Who are you talking about? – There is someone out there? Yes
I know that you are here, you know! I should have put on some Ink Saver (Sub)
– I’m gonna hide in there, that’s good Not steady, but good – Who is still hidden? – Me
– Me – You are well hidden now
– Oh, ok, well, look in the corners – Maca, where are you?
– That’s not… I’m not Maca I’m not Maca – So, you are potatoe? – Yeah, I am a potatoe
By the way, are there still potatoes in the world of Splatoon?
– No, you shall not pass, sir, yooohoo – Isn’t it a wicked hiding place I have, guys? – Where can he be? – Pff, that was not. – Santi fell – Where are you hiding? Maca, yes, why not, han han Evil is trying something… And, let’s go! Ooh la la Santithur move into action – There – And Evil… Well, good luck – No!!!
– Evil is going to kill himself again – No I’m not! No way someone can find me here – Or he’s not gonna survive, oh! – What was that fail, Maca? Really wonderful
– Yes, it was – There is something, between you and me, only the two of us – Definitely
– I can hear some pipes noises.

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