I don’t know where to hide… – Wait, I only found one person, is this a joke?!… What is it, Maca? – That’s not cool!
– Disappointed again – Their sending homing pigeons right now – If you see pigeons, then you see us – Where are they, them pigeons?
– It was so close! – It’s a joke, right?
– You troll, EvilSquid! – He is!
– Damn, a bubble here!… Well, I’m not moving anymore – So, I won’t give any clue but…. (laughs) Careful because if you take ten clams, as soon as you move… Hey, the blue ones, you have to stay at the beginning area, stay at your spawn – Sorry, it’s me, made a mistake, I’m tired – You’re not discrete, Evil
– I’m not, indeed – Let’s go!
– I’m pretty sure they won’t see you when they come near you – Hush… You mustn’t reveal my hiding spot… – Who’s talking? – It’s Maca
– I don’t recognize his voice, dang it – That’s the “not manly voice” – at worst, let’s Super Jump on Evil, it’s okay – Wait, where’s Evil?
– Ahah, I’m fooling them! I ran away, laying low,. ooh, ooh, they’re everywhere! – Oooh, sh*t
– Well, so, there is… no, wait, no, shoot… I thought toxic mist was an opponent I was so happy – RIP Lina, my revenge
– No, no, why haven’t I charged it? Anyway the spot was so small how could you even fit in it?
– I’m running away Well, I’m outside the map… Oh sh*t! We can go here So, yeah, we can climb, but that’s not easy Well now let’s go find them – I wonder how is it possible that you have children… – How to have children? I can show you with a drawing – You were do busted, dude! – Where is he? It’s okay He got us! We saw you disappear – The jellyfish is jumping really fast!
– She is but we are jumping too high I can’t have the same pace – You’re almost there!
– Three, two, one, let’s go! – Well I took a brush only for this! – Well, Pumba, moving around with 15.000 clams and not hidden, it’s a little… – Is there anyone still hidden? – Yeah, me – Really? You haven’t been found yet?
– Yeah, and many players are searching right next to me, though. – And, is it a somehow strategic hiding place or so? – And I’m found! Sh*t!
– I almost Super Jumped on him – No way… but… Come, Evil! – That’s a really nice hiding spot, Santithur, congratulations for finding it – I’m waiting, no pressure
– Who’s shooting at me?
– No, I fell! – YES!!!
– This is kind of a massage like in Spa resorts (Evil wonders how to say it correctly in French)… Time’s up!… We were doing some Spa massage!… And, Maléfique, there you are! Three seconds three seconds flat!
Who are throwing their clams? It’s Pumba, right? – I am so not discrete! Like really, realy NOT discrete! – What are you taking? Some juice? Sundae? – I’d like some orange juice, please! oh! Two in a row! Ooh la la! That talent! – So busted! Oviously, you gave that one little corner that nobody inks EVER!
– It’s actually a nice spot but I’ll get busted with the splashes – Maca’s having fun!
– Evil’s spot is pretty good – Wait, you rolled on him?
– I did! – Haaan! I’ve just seen Evil’s spot! Wicked! – haha! Sh*t, I fell!
– When you jump in a volcano, do you die when you enter lava or before because of the wind?
– I loooove this debate! So useful! – Is that a joke? He is litterally destroying us even with a stingray! – We’re coming for you! – I’m sory, ok…
– Oops! Don’t mind me… – Are you anxious if I’m coming here?
Wait, come back! Hey! You! Over there! Go away! Han, he killed me! I’m not even in his spawn! I’m shocked! – Shhhhhhhhhhhhh – Oh, don’t worry! It’s the sound your squid will make when he disappears: shhhhh. – Is there any way to enter yheir Spawn? Hey you!
– No, there’s not. There’s not at all…
– No Evil, stay away from me! – Extreme breathiiiing ♪ – We are getting attacked! – Maléfiiiique
– Aren’t we supposed to go find them?
– Wait, yeah, we are! – Got an idea!… Ok, no, alright, forget about it.
– What mode is it? – Clam Blitz… There are clams everywhere! – Indeed, I’m so stupid! – If you want to Super Jump on me, you can – Where ar you? Wait… Haaan, hell yeah, I want!
– Ha, he must have found some stinky place… – Come with us, Maca! Come with us too, Hanzu!
– Oh, that’s not working! – Ok, they superjumped towards our spawn, I saw it! – Yeah! Right over there!
– I saw approximatively… – Don’t move now. We can see you, Lilian! don’t move, don’t move! – Han! It’s not inked, not inked!
– Not there! That is my former hiding place – So you are seeing me right now?
– Nooooo – You’re not in that boat, are you?
– Nooooo We’re not on the boat
– If you knew.. – Well, bye!!! – They weren’t at our spawn, were they?
– Yeah, we were behind your spawn! – That’s why he wanted me away! – So I just got trolled! – A whole new world ♪ (Litteraly “this blue dream” in the French version) Well This blue ink (♪ a whole new world) – A new fantastic point of view ♪ – So, earlier, we played with Gabriel – I played with him too, once. He was part of the session *plushes giveaway* – He told me that we were the only two friends he had on Switch, you and I
– Oooow, so cuuuute – Anyway, I thought this was cute, yeah Moreover, he is actually paying for your channel (he’s a sponsor) – Indeed, he’s one of a few people giving money to support it And on a regular basis!
– Invite on him for your next video In fact, this can be a source of motivation for your subscribers to give money – Inviting them for a video, you mean?
– Yeah, even though it’s kind of a “VIP pass” “You give money to Evil, so you’re sure to be part of a next video!” – Isn’t it part of your contribution privileges? – Yes, there is one tipee contribution actually, quite like that saying: with your money, I’m doing private sessions often, and you appear on screen – I think I’m not discrete
– Funny how this hiding place is actually never found, like EVER on EVERY map – Yeah, the spawn! – Indeed! – to do next: remove Maca from my friends list – Will you dare?
– So I’m gonna roll, right till I find something – Haan: best hiding spot ever! (then a French reference meaning: I’m good right here) – Shhhht shhhhhhht
– Hey, come back! – No!
– Come back, c’mon – Who’s that brush?
– I’ve got THE spot Like, REALLY!
– Sh*t! – I’m proud of it, to be honnest
– Indeed – But you’ll see why, look
– That’s good, that’s good – Wait – That’s nice! That’s really cool… I’m off, sorry – Heeey! Bi*tch!
– Don’t care I’m protecting the basket – Speaking of clams, I want shrimps right now… – Well, in my spawn… right – No, who? Who?
– Pum-bastard (pun intended on his name) – Wait, what?
– Yeah, you are! – Brushes on this map are the ultimate weapons! No, I don’t have a power clam, not true! Don’t mind me I really don’t have any power clam! Zero discretion!
– I fooled several players on this one!
– So shoked right now – Hey, you!
– No, no, no!… Maca is in t he corner! – Oh! There is someone behind. oh, oh, oh, who are you? If I manage to climb my way up… What weapon do you have, Maca? A .52 Gal? – Yep! – Im tired of falling in the water – Best hiding place ever!
– Oh yeah, ok, indeed… you’re not likely to be found in there – Yeah, right? Totally out of reach! – You bet!
– And it’s totally doable, you just have to know how to get in there – Sh*t! Oh, yeah! In fact we can’t come from above, we have to come the same way you did Haaaa, and there is a little trick here… – Yeah, there is a little tricj but…. No! – Woah! Well done! Really well done!
– Yeaaaaaah!!! – I’m not moving since the beginning, you know – It’s done?
– Wait, you’re still hidden? – Maca hasn’t been found yet?
– Well, no! – Wait and see, I know where he is…
– Where are you? Where is he? Where…. Haaaa! – Maca is a real Captain Obvious usually – (laughs) it deserves to be on video!
– What the heck did just happen?!

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