Cal State Monterey Bay Volleyball Photo Day 2015

Here to bring you some footage of what goes on the CSUMB volleyball team everyday. Maddy Underwood. Is it true or false that your real name is Mandy Underwood? I hate to admit it, but it’s actually true and kind of hurts my feelings when people call me Maddy or madison ’cause my real name is
Mandy so I just would appreciate some support and I don’t know just you know
you know how to feel. You heard it straight from the source everyone call Mandy. (Am I on? Is this in the frame?) [Whispering] It’s Jessica Malcolm, reporting live from picture day with coach Moe Melhart. How are you feeling Moe? I’m really excited. I feel like you’ve got a great looking squad out here today. Squad up, as they say. We’re back in Monterey Bay. So, Ashlynne—if that’s you’re real name—so, why here, why MB? You know it’s just a beautiful place.
like I don’t know anywhere else on this beautiful. It’s beautiful, folks. Beautiful! (Is it beautiful? Yeah. I found a wild species. Her name is Rachel Cookus. How do you think it went? It felt a little awkward, but I think it went good. Look at those awkward puppies. Look at them! What are those? We’re back in Monterey Bay. So Dane is it true that you’re actually a volleyball player yourself? I am. Thank you for asking. I like to compete, it’s a fun thing and coaching just put it all over the top for me. Nice. So why MB? MB has a special place in my heart. I moved up here in 2009 never have left. There’s no reason to leave you got everything you could possibly want right
here in the Bay You heard the man, right here in the Bay I’m Moe, head volleyball coach, and these are my children (laughing).

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