Camp Pendleton: A Stumps Marine’s Perspective

Camp Pendleton… The shining jewel of The Marine Corps. Where the food trucks make whatever your
heart desires… All of the barracks have five stars on Travelocity. Every MRE… is Chili Mac. All of the porta-johns come with baby wipes. Every time is nap time. Where civilization is never that far
away. The MOUT towns are under livable standards. Stop and smell the motivation. Camp Pendleton, California… Why would you want to be stationed
anywhere else? Twentynine Palms: Located in southcentr- “Shut the FUCK up! YOU CAN SUCK A FAT DI-

85 thoughts on “Camp Pendleton: A Stumps Marine’s Perspective

  1. Hey, I miss you guys… when will you invite me back for some more syops classes. I'm a lot better at your games now πŸ™‚

  2. This is Nothing compared to Camp Wilson which is well known for its relaxing summer weather and lake bandini for its wonderful fragrance… Anyone who's been their knows what im talking about πŸ˜‰ and for those of you that don't know, well you should go and try it for yourself… bwahahahaha….. btw, i work inside the chowhall thats why I know… LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  3. I got to say camp Pendleton is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Humping through Lejune really sucked, humping through Pendleton a lot easier on the eyes

  4. These videos are funny and shit but just wait till you get stationed in 29 and get sent to Pendleton for training.

    Not a single day went by without someone mentioning how much this base feels like heaven

  5. My husband was stationed there for 2 1/2 years.. we loved it for the most part. We are sure going to miss it!!!

  6. omfg DUUUUDE i went to CP on a NJROTC trip and damn i know those places, the beaches, the Amphib lake, the LCAC base (Navy), and the barracks
    damn all those memories.

  7. Every MRE is Chili Mac. Dead. As a Stumps Marine, I can tell you, they say the Joshua Tree only grows at the gates of heaven and the gates of hell, guess which one 29 is?

  8. I loved Camp Pendleton, in the 1970's. 1st Combat Engineer Bn. San Mateo 62 Area. 1371 School at 7th Engineers, Main Side.

  9. To get the "best" of Camp Pendleton, just EAS (or don't join in the first place) and stay in the local area (though not necessarily Oceanside :D). Get sufficiently skilled or educated to live a comfortable middle-class existence. Then you can enjoy coastal SoCal living in genuine style. Simple.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I cant blame you poor bastards in the stumps… Every time I went there, the first thing I smelled was your motovatio… I mean shit.

  11. I've heard about 29 Palms. 27 Years ago, a future Navy Medical Admiral (I presume now, I do not know) and I went to residency in Psychiatry at UCLA. In my 4th year, I was under an enormous load of debt, wondering how I would pay it off (I paid off the 80k in 18 months of practice by focusing on getting it done and working my butt off—it grew back) and the OFFICER was a Navy MD sentenced to 29 Palms to pay back his "free education."

    We had both trained in a VA, and he described y'all as "Vets in their larval stage."

    While I thank you for protecting me (screw thank you for serving—it's about protecting my kids and me, and I thank you), that description always made me laugh.

  12. WTF? I don't remember Pendleton like this! I was an E-5 Navy Corpsman, there in 1971 for FMF training. Of course I was proud to be selected to serve with the Marines! STILL proud!

  13. Okay iam 16 but want to join the marine Corp, I was in the devil pups encampment 2019 2nd increment bravo series 5th platoon and I swear to fucking god I saw one of y’all there, please excuse my young lil bitch ass

  14. Fuckin' Crayon eating mother fuckers.
    Take a box of Crayola 64 and throw it on the deck and watch the dogpile grow.
    "The brilliant blue is mine, you mother fucker… I dare you to try and take it" " heeeey… I wanted the hot pink one."

  15. Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ehhhhhhhhhh 1001101010101010101001010101010101010110010101010101010

  16. I was in the los Pulgas Area in 1965, Charlie battery first Battalion 11th marines 105 howitzers. I was a forward observer radio operator when we went to Vietnam during 1965 in 1966. Anyone part of the BLT 3–1

  17. Thousands of years of waging war against each other and this is what it comes to, a more (or less) mature college with guns.

  18. I love this shit. Although I'm an Army POG that has spent 21 months in Afghanistan. Suck it 03's. Lolol jk love all of your content

  19. I’m watching this in a run down barracks in Lejeune. Also I’m from The San Diego County so this just makes me even more depressed.

  20. Not gonna lie, that sandwich in Jewett's hand at the 0:14 mark looked delicious. Are the food trucks good at Pendleton? Genuinely curious.

  21. I lived next to camp Pendleton for most of my childhood. Whenever the Marines did whatever explosive shit they did, it shook the windows on all our houses

  22. I know it isnt Marines but you will never experience a post quite like Ft.Bragg…its a whole other world beyond those gates

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