“Can We Stump Xiao Yao?” Ep. 1 – Mystery Black Tasting Video

Honey Aroma (蜜香 mì xiāng) Golden Hairs (金毫 jīn háo) thick / filling (饱满 bǎo mǎn) which varietal is this tea? 这个是什么品种? Zhège shì shénme pǐnzhǒng? Honey Aroma Golden Bud (蜜香金芽 Mì xiāng jīn yá) Yunkang #10 varietal (云康十号 Yún kāng shí hào) Can be steeped many times! (还是比较奶泡 Háishì bǐjiào nǎi pào)

17 thoughts on ““Can We Stump Xiao Yao?” Ep. 1 – Mystery Black Tasting Video

  1. After years of avoiding it, I recently started exploring some black teas. Pleasantly surprising. Good timing now you'll be showcasing some of the black teas on here.

    Looking forward to when my first order from you arrives. I finally took the plunge!

  2. Woow, I have to say, that was pretty impressive (at least to me) that Xiao Yao could get it right that quickly. This was a pretty fun video, really fun concept. I would like to add that I enjoy the closeups, so we can see what's up with the leaves and brew.
    Keep up the good work!

    Edit: I just remembered that I wanted to ask you something. Do you have Pu erh wrappers for sale (like only the sheets)? I have bought a couple of factory teas from your site that comes with a ludicrously thin paper wrapper, so I would love to get some that were a bit larger and thicker, so I could wrap the bricks in only a wrapper, so I don't need the cardboard box that it comes in.

  3. A word on the used gaiwan: it's the first YS product I ever bought and it's the best gaiwan I have, it's big, but narrower and higher than most gaiwans, so it is easier to handle than a lot of other gaiwans with the same volume (this is very subjective) and the rim stays a bit cooler.

  4. Still had some of this tea in my cupboard, so I drank the same tea while watching the video, which gave it a whole new dimension. Impressions I had were quite similar. It's a great tea, one of my favourites. Also, very impressive that Xiao was able to guess the tea correctly..

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