Canada Summer Games 2017 – Beach Volleyball Finals

Come in stay relax and play the game that
that we gameplan quite a bit coming to this game so basically just sticking to
the game plan and being as aggressive as we can and trusting in each other. Its an amazing venue when Winnipeg has set us up so well here it’s been amazing all week
there’s been tons of fans tons of Alberta fans which is awesome so we had a great time playing here. It’s a pretty great feeling I mean you come here and
you are just excited to take it all in but at the same time getting that gold
is really something like you can even describe. This is pretty much the end of our beach season, then heading
back to school at the end of August I’m heading back to UBC
and I go to the University of Calgary Dawson is a really cool atmosphere to be
here all the volunteers and all of the competitors were super awesome to play
against and everybody helped us go throughout the whole week. We just
worried about what was on our side and focus on our mental games staying tough, cause they are going to put up a fight right so all these points we know that and we
just worried about us and stick with our stuff as a game plan. They’re all of our
supporters form team BC. We try to get as many people out to help us just
cheer us on and try to have some fun bringing people out to watch the sport
beach volleyball. It hypes us up as you can see out there we are pretty
emotional but we just build off the energy that they give us and we continue
to play our game and it pushes us through the game no matter how hot or
how tired we are. What next? Next year we’re going to
play VIU, Vancouver Island University indoor and then we’ll see from there
but tournaments we can go into for beach and see if we stick together and what up
from there.

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