Canadian GP 2015 – Kimi and Seb playing table ice hockey (long version)

So guys, today we are playing ice hockey Sebastian, did you ever play that before? No, I never played before. and you Kimi? Yeah I played. How many times? I don’t know. We had it at home when I was little and we always played. So that sounds like advantage
for Kimi but we will see each of you will get a question what was the worst defeat against me? Well, they were all bad Who is the more talented badminton player? I don’t know. I always won but that has nothing to do with talent. But probably it’s me. Which F1 race features the most attractive grid girls? Hungary is pretty good Australia, Spain is good Why? the girls are hot What about Monte Carlo? Monte Carlo was the worst I ever had Kimi, you noticed? they had grid boys I don’t know, I never looked at them As if! Name the 3 characteristics you like most about me This is like a dating game no, it’s only about friendship He is honest we share respect, so respectful and he is Finnish. I like Finnish people. And now you. 3 things you appreciate about me normal nice guy and no bullshit what exactly is bullshit for you? most of what the media is confronting me who has got the better fashion taste I never thought, ‘oh my god what is he wearing?’ for me I don’t mind his taste this is clearly more difficult than the football version I never played football what are the 3 most important things for you in life? family honesty and to laugh Sebastian, I’m very sorry but I think Kimi is the better hockey player please sign here and good luck to both of you

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