Cancer Patients Kills Herself Using New Law

Carrie robertson this is her sign name
is 61 years old from Victoria Australia she was
diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 from her breast the cancer then spread
to her lungs bones liver and then her brain she would go to the hospital for
chemotherapy and radiation therapy she did this for years but she could not
tolerate the pain anymore Carrie then decided to stop the
medications in March 2019 in Victoria in 2017 government officials discussed to
pass the law to allow patients suffering from cancer dangerous diseases and who
will eventually die access to jobs to end their lives they discussed it for 26
hours they did not even take a break to sleep for 26 hours a debated whether
they should or should not allow the law finally they passed the law the law came
into effect this year in June 2019 some government officials did not agree with
officials who passed the law however they said that it will not give everyone
access to drugs to end their lives only if officials are satisfied with
patient’s reasoning then they will be given the drugs the law is for patients
suffering from cancer or any dangerous disease they will be given drugs shortly
before they die before that they have to answer 68 questions if they are
satisfied then they will be provided the drugs a person has to go to three
specially trained doctors and explain why they would not want to live due to
their disease and why they want the drugs the drugs can only be given to
people above the age of 18 if a person is very sick and has less
six months to live they will be given the drugs if they have more than six
months they will not be given the drugs when the law was passed in June Kari was
the first to apply to use the law they accepted to give her the drugs to end
her life Carrie’s daughter’s name is Nicole Robertson Carrie’s entire family
accepted her decision to end her life her favorite song was playing in the
background while she was talking with everyone before she died she spoke her
final words to her loved ones and sometimes she died peacefully her
daughter said that her family did everything to make her mother happy Carey said that she was in a lot of pain
because of her cancer but she does not want to die in pain she wanted to die
peacefully and her family accepted and supported her Western Australia and
Queensland are considering to pass similar laws the law to allow terminally
ill patients to legally end their life using medications has been passed in
countries such as Canada Netherlands and Belgium

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