Capetown Paragliding Adventure|zipline at Yell Extreme Park Armenia|Tamil| KP

My husband has come to the park to take revenge on me The kids are all ready to play Hello Friends,How are you? Last time I went to Pattaya In Pattaya, I had an adventure with the Tigers A lot of viewers who saw it asked if you weren’t scared I always love adventure trip I had an adventurous trip to South Africa paragliding and the Armenia yell extreme park There are some interesting events that are going on in this video set If you like this video, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel If you know of any other place like that, go and tell me Krishna This is what we are going to see in this video music Tamil Old Song lyrics My husband has come to the park to take revenge on me I have too much fear Fear is more of a cold here than it is to me because of my jerkin removal I could not bear the cold Despite the cold, we’re going to go out there and see what’s there We’ll tell you how it’s done after Ride The mouth may feel a little cold because of the cold The cold has begun Ready to go for a ride with the kids Krishna should hang on this hill I will die in fear, Krishna Just a little scary, Dad This is Zip line I think the bone doesn’t even fall off the mountain Hi Hi Dharun My Queen is leaving now Hi I am so scared ready, set, go Krishna’s wife is coming without fear No matter how deep the depth of their eyes, there is not even a little fear Look at how much Enjoy is doing Now look at their adventure Hi Tamil Song lyrics This is like a super journey My family is standing there looking Falling down, I will die It’s so easy to go and have a hard time walking It’s hard to walk now On the way we went one kilometer zip line When you come in, you get a lot of leg pain All the kids are going to come here All in all we had a great time We enjoyed it even though it took a little bit of pain Hope you like these adventures Again I meet you in a nice video Until then, goodbye to you, Krishnamoorthy Rejoice

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