Captains Feature: Maverick Hockey – an NET Sports Feature

♪ MUSIC ♪ NARRATOR: In college hockey, the
team captains play a bigger role and have more responsibilities
than any other sport. JOHNNIE SEARFOSS: The captain’s
responsibility like I said is leading by example,
being vocal, maybe when practice
isn’t going as great, you make sure to get
on guys and push em further. MICHAEL YOUNG:
We do a lot more leading,
like I’ll either stretch or Johnny or Zombo will lead
the stretch and stuff like that, but there’s nothing that
changes too much otherwise. DOMINIC ZOMBO: During the game
anytime there’s any sort of communication between the
players and the officiating, that’s a
Captain’s job, whether it’s Young who’s the
captain or me or Johnny. Whenever there’s a
penalty, obviously they want one representative
over there to sort of discuss whatever
the penalty is. You go over and sort of
relay it to the coach. That way,
everybody on the teams not talking to
the refs or what not. DEAN BLAIS: The captain’s your
direct line to the team. They’re the inbetween
where as a coach, you’ve got to have a good
relationship with your captains. They’ve got to be able to
come in and talk to you when there’s a problem or
a potential problem or heading off of a problem. Usually, it’s
problem-related. Their job and their
responsibility is mainly in between periods,
started the games, making sure that everything’s
straight in that locker room. It means more if there are
certain things coming from the captain versus the
coach to the rest of the team. ANNOUNCER: Taking it in stride is Zombo with Archibald 2 on 1, SCORE!
and Zombo picks the top corner and the Mavericks, just like that, tie the game at 1 NARRATOR: There can be some
pressure with the added responsibilities of wearing a
letter on your jersey. ZOMBO: There can be, but you
just have to look at it as, you know, hockey’s
something that you’ve been doing your whole life and
just show up and do the right things and you can’t
really mess that up. You are representing the
team, but it’s just, I mean just show up every day and do your job
and you’ll be fine. YOUNG: I don’t think there
was too much added pressure for
being a captain. I mean nothing’s
really changed. I still act the same. I’m just-there’s
more interviews. There’s more
talking to people. There’s more explaining
things I guess. Obviously, it falls for a
lot of things when you’re trying to talk to
people all the time. Especially after a tough
loss or something, you’ve got to deal with all
that, so that’s probably the only added pressure
that I’ve noticed. SEARFOSS: I don’t put any extra
pressure on myself just because I’m a captain, but
I do want to make sure that I’m leading by
example, especially for the younger guys that like
I said, don’t know what to expect and they really
look up to the older guys just to see like work
ethic and stuff like that. NARRATOR: To these
players, the role of captain means much more than just a
letter on their jersey. SEARFOSS: It’s an honor
to be a captain. The guys on the team vote
so it kind of gave me confidence knowing that they
think I should be a captain as well as the coaches
seem happy with us so it’s definitely
a big honor. ZOMBO: I mean to be
voted as a captain was a pretty big
honor this year. And for me,
I just, you know, I just try to do my
best every single day. I try to, you know, for
whether it’s a freshman, sophomore, or just try to
lead by example and you know, help wherever I
can from experience. YOUNG: To me, it’s a
huge honor obviously. We’ve had a lot of
captains that we like I have a lot of respect for
my three years before obviously being captain. The guys were
unbelievable guys. They were hard-working
guys and there’s no bigger calling for a hockey
player to be a captain, to be chosen by your peers
to lead them and through everything and especially a
great organization like UNO has. It’s just a huge honor. ♪ MUSIC ♪

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