CARA MEMILIH RAKET PEMULA!! | Tips memilih Raket Badminton Untuk Pemula

these are tips for beginners how to choose a racket beginners have weakness backhand and forehand hitting they can not hit the shuttlecock to the back line while professional players can do it, can hit the shuttlecock up the left and right rear corner so the ability of beginner skills compared to athletes is much different then we discuss the weakness of the pro player just the accuracy of the hit the way of shuttlecock placement with good accuracy is the problem because they have so much power that the hit is very strong and the ball is often out of line while beginners do not have as much power as pro players the conclusions of the advantages and disadvantages are very different so that the type of racket needs will be different as well so if you as a beginner want to buy a racket with a pro player refers then you are wrong because the capabilities and needs of each different rackets purchased by beginners should be able to cover the weakness beginner’s weakness is not strong in hitting the shuttle cock to the back line so the racket must provide a solution to the weakness to get the solution of the problem we have to find a racket that can add power so your hitting can reach the back line how to .. you have to choose a flexible racket.. to know the racket is flexible you hold like this you press like this .. if the racket is flexible then he will be curved like this then you rotate like this whether it is rotated too.. when rotated also means it is flexible why flexible is good for beginners .. because this type of racket has a good repulsion .. has vibration so when you do a hitting then the shuttlecock will go far to the back line so this can cover the weakness of the beginner players but this does not apply to pro players, because the pro player has a strong force when using the advantages of flexible then shuttlecock tends to out the line so the needs are different, pro players prefer the stiff choose the stiff so that the accuracy of the hitting more precisely so when beginners follow the pro player using a stiff racket then you add to your weakness so that’s not right, hope you can understand so first look for a flexible second looking powerful racket a powered racket has a heavier trait on the racket head compared to the grip how to find it you put on the finger like this if the weight of the racket is more inclined toward the racket’s head then it means the type of power racket logic like a hammer that weighs in his head so that it can generate power the weight is on his head so it can generate power as well as a racket if the weight is on the head of the racket then it is useful for power so beginners can look for a flexible and look for a racket that weighs more in the racket head this is useful to cover your weakness .. after your skill has increased increase your skill to middle or pro level then you look for racket that type balance or stiff because at that level you already have abundant power, so your needs are different racket you need accuracy hit for accuracy look stiff because stiff more precise you can measure more accurately so how to choose a racket for beginners is according to his needs rather than his wishes if you follow the desire then what is in use our pro player also use it .. not like that but the racket you choose should be able to cover your weaknesses it tips how to choose rackets for beginners, if you have experience in choosing a racket please share the experience in the comment field for example you use a certain type of racket and you feel right and want to recommend it please share here so that other friends can benefit from your experience see you again

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  1. Terimakasih ya bang atas infonya,pantas waktu saya mau smash tapi malah fornhand.jadi itu masalahnya sekali lagi terima kasih ya bang

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