Cara Menghilangkan Grogi Saat Turnamen Badminton

hello friends on this occasion I want to answer questions from my subscriber bro, how do you get rid of nervous when servise on turnamnen can say any player if you enter the tournament there must be gogging it is certain As for myself, my own experience with the position of the nervous is at the starting points that is, from points one to five it still works, but if it goes on it can already be overcome ee is the solution that is, we must feel more above the player more than the enemy players so we consider the enemy beneath us does not mean we are arrogant but like that to increase our confidence this I experienced personally do not know for the others that in my opinion like that was to overcome the gerogi thing like that so if for ee servise, the responsibility is the default of the gerogi so to train servise, of course there is a separate training, namely driling servise so for example if for regular training our servise is good then for the servise tournament we can bear and can get stuck or anything like that that is the gerogi’s factor so to get rid of that nervous we must first pd then the second we feel that we are above our opponents we are against us we consider to be nothing that we are arrogant only in the heart does not mean we have to say it to the law we immediately do not that we must have we have for ourselves to get rid of that nervous like that yeah thanks to my subscriber who have subscribed to this channel and I hope this video will be useful until we find it in the next video

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