Caribbean Little League Baseball tournament was a great event.

We feel great to be here for the first time at a little league tournament. And if we classified we will go to Williamsport in Pennsylvania USA. We would be very happy with that and the community in Cuba will be happy too. We prepared during the course of one year to be here. It was very hard work. We had to win a tournament in Cuba first and after that we trained very hard for about two months to be here. There are a few very strong teams, but we have a great team that can succeed. We have a great time with the players of the other teams. They teach us some things from their country and we teach them things from Cuba. So we have a great time together. We play together and respect each other. There are some teams that only speak English, we don’t make fun of them because of that. We all get along very well. The dream is to represent my country. And ultimately get into major league baseball. This has been a great tournament. I’m very proud of us.

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