Catfishing Scammers in India (How to Avoid Scammers in India)

The best way to avoid scammers in India is to see them in action first-hand So, today I went to Connaught Place and catfished a few out. First off, how these scammers work is that they approach you with some generic opening line. -You wanna drink something? -I was just gonna go and have some tea Oh, no just looking around. -Very crazy country. -I know… -Which country, my friend? -Oh, New Zealand Then, they try and create a rapport with you to gain your trust. It is a Hindi movie, Salman Khan. It’s a very beautiful face Your style, hairstyle is -Salman Khan, Hindi movie. -I think I saw him somewhere On a movie poster, maybe Salman Khan is a very favourite actor. He is a, but very powerful You’re same, same look. Many people speak, your look is Salman. -Oh, really? That’s nice Which country? New Zealand Yeah, thank you. -And you’re from? -New Zealand New Zealand and Australia, same like in Pakistan and India for Cricket. -Yeah. -I know that. – Same thing, rivals. Yeah. I have a friend living in New Zealand. Once they started a conversation with you, they’ll spout off a few random facts about the country you’re from. Then they’ll ask, “How can I help you?” And by “help” they mean how can they take you to an overpriced store where they earn commission. What you’re gonna see next are small parts of my trip with 2 scammers. The first to buy a railway ticket and the second to buy a pashmina. What I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna highlight every single lie they tell, and I’ve translated the Hindi they thought I couldn’t understand. -Down here? -Yes. -This is a strange place for the government office. -Yes, Jan Path is your guide. You have a mobile All these are government approved, ministry of India. -Oh, so, the government runs this? -Yes, sir Hi… all good? Yeah, yeah, I’ll come back here because I need to go get some money out from the ATM. -ATM, this side, sir. -It’s OK. I’ll go this way ’cause -No no no, you go to ATM -Oh ok. Do you know where it is? So what he just did was he didn’t let me walk in the direction of the real government of India tourism office, which is just down that lane. Him and his friends at the travel agency didn’t want me to see that I’ve been fooled. This is the one and only government-run India tourism office in New Delhi. Within 1 kilometer radius there are literally hundreds of fake tourism offices claiming to be this one. The big difference here is that they don’t sell anything. They’re staffed with great people who will help you plan your travel. Visit them in 88 Janpath or “Janpaath” as pronounced in English. -Hey this is a tourism office? -Yeah yeah. In the next clip I’m taking to an overpriced tourist trap. I’m trying to buy a pashmina. But they want to charge me 10 times to what it’s really worth These stores are really hard to get out of too. They put pressure on you to buy. I got tickets. I’m looking for like a pashmina or something. A gift. -You’ve to go this corner, right side, go to ‘Indian market’. -Okay Okay, so the prices are good at this market? Okay, thanks. Jaipur is not good for saris, no? This shop is better? Hi, I just need a present for my girlfriend. This is silk, or? How much is this one? So the cheapest one you have is 3000 rupees? -In silk -In silk, okay. Can I take a photo and send it to her? You know the brand called Hugo Boss? Yeah You know how much they sell their suit for? -A lot of money? -3000-4000 Euros, 3000, 2000. So what I make is will be 200 dollars. It will be lined with pure silk. It will be totally hand-stitched. I’ll show you the style. This quality workmanship, it will not cost you less than $3,000 at your home. Okay, no I have to think about all this and come back. Okay. Thank you for your help though. What the scammers we met today weren’t the worst of the worst. They make it hard for you to leave and they put pressure on you to buy. If I wasn’t so experienced with traveling in India. I definitely would have felt pressured to buy something just to get out of that situation. Yeah, I found some nice stuff but, um. Cheap price No, I’ll have to think about it because I like the stuff they have there. I just need to talk to my girlfriend and show her the photos. So I’ve sent her the photos. Very cheap market. -Oh, no. I need to go eat now, I’m tired. I need to go eat now, I’m tired. I’m going to go eat I saw some restaurant up there, na? -Where? -Connaught Place, this place na? It’s lunch time. -Yeah, it’s lunch time. No, I’m hungry now. Now that you’ve seen these guys in action, you know the signs to look for so you can avoid them all together. If you’re worried about traveling in India, or you want to get the best price when bargaining, check out my Quick Start Guide at

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  1. Nobody gonna speak about that poor dog lying on the floor probably hungry 😞 at 1:09

    Edit:k just found out that that dog was asleep and probably wasn’t hungry.

  2. i have been to India now 18 times. 1st time in 1974. And normally stay for between 3 and 9 months. I have NEVER been scammed or attempted by anyone. I dont make myself out to look like a target. Walking round with my eyes like dinner plates in awe at everything. And certainly dont have conversations with people who approach me out of the blue. Just blank them. the only times Ive been scammed are by cops.

  3. Come guys Shillong ,meghalay, north east India… First search YouTube vlog about it's than take decision if can fit come and enjoy 🙏

  4. I’m not worried about traveling India because I will NEVER. be traveling in that shit hole of a country

  5. Just tell them to piss off. I just say I've recently come out of prison and now I'm looking for some money "can you help me out?"
    They soon leave u alone lol

  6. The best way to dealing is feel no shame and start the bargaining from demanding price/9.. It will work definitely. When they can demand skyrocketing price why we as a customer cant say unimaginable price to them😀

  7. Never go north India, go to Gujarat, and south india.. And also south east its better.. North India is like hell and states of rappers.. Dont go there.. I am from Gujarat and here lots of people come for labouring and selling pani puri (bhaiyaji) 😜 from up, bhihar.. They people are very dirty and most of rape case done by them in gujarat.. They are monsters.. So never go to up, bihar and central Indian states.. Punjab, Gujarat and South States are better..

  8. Shit after these videos I am afraid to even go talk to him.
    P.S. Karl seems a genuinely nice person.


  10. Noncomposmentis! why everything is expensive in india, I can get 3 box of shoes for 6 U.S dollar in items shop in my country and 1 dollar for taxi(unlicence one but people still love it) because real taxi is 6 times expensive lol

  11. India (for tourists) – especially in the North is a 'love-hate' experience. Honestly, it gets downright tiring. Walking down Connaught Avenue in Delhi is like being a turd inviting a swarm of flies. In no time, you'll see numerous touts approaching you out of nowhere, asking you which country you're from, and giving you the feeling that you've just found your best friend in the world. Every person approaching you and initiating a conversation ("Hello, how are you my friend?!") on the street is not your friend; they are actually trying to rip you off. And they aren't working alone. In fact a whole string of people are going to try and take a piece of you. That is the harsh reality of people living in poverty; their survival and prosperity is directly dependent on separating you from your money and possessions. And they feel completely justified and consider it your fault if you get scammed because of your own stupidity. Walking onto Connaught, Janpath streets or visiting ANY tourist attraction – like the Red Fort, is like walking into a den of snakes.
    There are just 2 words that you need to learn how to shout out loud, to avoid or disperse scammers in India: "CHALE' JAO!!!" (GO!! GET LOST!!) Practice in front of a mirror. When you get approached on the street; Ignore the other- no eye contact or reply to their "hello, how are you today?" or "How many days are you in India?" or "How do you like our beautiful country?". If they persist, them let them have it: Put a scowl on your face; shout "CHALE JAO!!!", while firmly pointing in the opposite direction to which you're walking.

  12. It is not only happen in India, it happens every place, where local people wanted to get some extra bonus from outsider. So this is happens everyplace on the earth. So dont criticize particular country.

  13. I got scammed in New Delhi at one of those Tourism Offices. This guy charged me 3 times as much as it should have cost to go to the Taj Mahal. When I found out what he did. I sent him a nasty message saying I'm going to warn every tourist I see about the scam. Later that day he had 4 people on the street following me around trying to scare me. This place was in Connaught Place right behind KFC.

  14. They are NOT SCAMMERS. The tourism offices are legal offices. The only difference is that the government office is CHEAPER, the PRIVATELY owned offices will be more, why? cos they are PRIVATE OWNED COMPANIES.

    The Saries you were buying, that is normal business for a business owner to put a higher markup on his goods. You cannot say it's a scam because you did not provide any comparisons with other Sari shops. The owner is doing what is called business. In business you put a markup on your goods to make a profit. He could have seen you as a high quality buyer and wanted to impress you with the best, that could be his reason for a higher price. Again you failed to provide comparisons to validate your claims.

    The people on the street that greeted you, could have been people that were interested in meeting and chatting to a foreigner, they were simply curious to know you and where in the world you come from. Does that mean they have evil intentions?? No. Not everyone that talks to you are evil people, that is the wrong kind of attitude. Don't spread that kind of attitude. Locals are simply people that are curios to meet foreigners, it could be as simple as that. Putting a negative spin on it, is wrong.

    I have watch your videos and while there are street scammers in India, just like any other country has, there are also good people that provide good quality workmanship and products. Don't make it seem that everywhere you go you going to be scammed. That is wrong of you to do. Also stop trying to look for only negatives, look for positives, if you can't find any, then it is not worth the deal, and thus, you should save your money, that will be something worth watching. This video does not provide any solid proof you were being scammed.

  15. Everyone can survive India if they're smart.

    1. Book train tickets on IRCTC website, govt run, easy to use, only thing you should keep in mind is to book at least 15-20 days in advance to get a confirm ticket.

    2. If ure in a tier 1/2 city, use Uber app to get around, they can't scam you even if they wanted to.

    3. Book hotels on OYO website/app.. cheap and suites to all price ranges.
    If you prefer better hotels then there are many chains.. lemontree fabhotels etc etc

    4. Never eat street food, it can get ur tummy upset.. even if you want to try indian, eat in a established restaurant, with well displayed menu and hygiene.

    5. You can travel cashless too in India, use Paytm (accepted at local shops as well) and also cards are accepted almost everywhere.

    Keep reading blogs of various travellers and use their tips too.

    India can be a nightmare for Indians too, I was scammed in Mumbai by a taxi driver when I was 22 (I'm an Indian). Just learn from ur experience and be a smart person that's all.

  16. For backpackers..
    It's better to do research about the place first..
    If ure really on a very tight budget then I suggest knowing how to bargain is ur way to go. Slash the offered price by 50%, and then up ur price lil by lil.
    1. Dorms are easy to find in cities with tourist attractions (use Google/TripAdvisor/Trivago etc)
    2. To move locally, use public conveyance like metros/buses/local trains. Avoid taxis and autorickshaw. Use Uber/Ola cab services, their prices are now slashed very much. Ask the driver to come to your location that's all.
    3. If you have no idea where to eat.. always ask a middle aged female who is roaming with her kids.. they're a safe bet not to scam you in anyway.. mostly Indian women are traditionally housewives, and will be happy to help you. Give her kids some toffees and they'll be happy too.
    4. Moving from one city to other… Trains are a way to go.. use IRCTC website which is Indian railways official website.

  17. My country is Soo overpopulated that people don't have enough jobs. We are the world's most not busy people. I mean so many people just stop to see a jcb digging up shit from the ground. Our country is fucked we need mass population control and wipe out the filler janta.

  18. This vlog is to show India in bad terms and this guy is anti national.he always says bad about our country but this idiot praises pakisthan….report him and unsubscribe all indians..throw him out of our country

  19. I watched many videos of yours…I am not Indian…so, here is what's happening…Asia is completely different world than the other western nations from the view of development, law and order and tons more…except few other nations like China, Korea, Singapore etc…basically there are huge problems going on since years and years by corrupted politicians or many other which directly affects on every local people's life style…it can also affects worldwide as well…India, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc these nations are still under poverty…I take these scammers behavior as a survival instinct…I mean a man who came from New Zealand to India and making these videos, publishing books for not to get scammed is afterall a same survival instinct…if not your videos has millions of views, that's a lots of money mate…why don't you do something about this practically…you can go to the brothels save girls, you can donate your earnings to their schools, you can co-work with child labour organizations, the lists goes on and on…we are not as you have expected…but you are neither…I mean why aren't duke of England, you know we treat you as King, help you with our heart as much as we can and then you pour your kindness on us like the Emperor used to…you can't, so should I make your videos and post it online saying that – this guy is broke, he couldn't afford our assistance…should I ? I think you are that kind of man who gets served in restaurant by 10 years old kid and after lunch you grab your camera and start to babble about how good or how bad was the meal, may be a bit expensive or very cheap, aren't ya ? the people you have shown on your videos as scammers don't have a health insurance like you guys have, they don't have earnings or educations like you do so they can secure your future or their family's future…and they are not asking it for free instead they ask you for their assistance or sometimes you did…that's only how they can run their home and on the other hand they are helping you as well as far as everybody can see…I think you should be happy that you got scammed…the more you get scammed the more likes you get….cheers mate…

  20. Hey! I have a question, so please answer if you know. So. Since there are tourism offices that are ran by the government and there are tourism offices that are fake in India that are literally right next to the real ones, can’t the government in India get those taken down? Because they aren’t official? In a way it’s like plagiarism and you can go to jail for that in America. And impersonation. Is it just because the laws in India are different??

  21. I haven't been to India but I've been too Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. These scammers are everywhere in Asia. Sometimes if there doing it for a good cause I give in, but most of the time I get pissed out and shout in there language.

  22. just pretend u don't speak english… lol ill go crazy if every 2nd person that stopped me was scammer, ruins the holiday for tourist..

  23. Remember, these are the assholes with the call centers that blow your phone up every day of the week claiming to be the IRS, FBI, and Microsoft Security. India fucking sucks.

  24. Hi mr karl, I'm your new INDIAN subscriber, your doing a great job and i appreciate that, i want you to visit HYDERABAD IN INDIA, YOU WON'T FIND ANY SCAMMER,S LIKE THESE.. not only you if an foreigner want's to visit India Hyderabad is the best place…

  25. Really ashamed for these people in our nation. Thanks Karl for guiding the foreign tourists in India. You are not an Indian but what you did for us no Indians will do. Great job! Keep unvailing these scammers to the public…

  26. Dont get too caught up about being scammed in India if it happens.. I spent about 6 months travelling there and also spent 3 weeks travelling Japan where people pride themselves on their honesty..
    I think I spent about the same in total that's with being scammed in India though I had much longer holiday in India and admittedly more fun. Now I look back on the scams in a funny sort of way realising I was paying extortionate rates in countrys where there was very little scams going on and supposed to feel good about that

  27. Hey Karl, I am south Indian.
    Never been to north India.
    Your videos make me feel like north India and peoples from north are worst and you dint find one single good thing about them??

  28. Such pathetic country… it's quite sad, there's some brilliant people there, it's sad most of the people are corrupted with scammer.

  29. You are not teaching nobody to avoid anything, you are just exposing them in your videos, put some sense in your titles

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