CẦU LÔNG: Làm thế nào để chụp tạt và gài lưới trong đôi được tốt hơn[Drive and Net in Doubles] w sub

Hi Everyone in this video I will show you guys how to hit drive and net in doubles better. Hope you enjoy this. so this drill I called up and back drive and net. Kind of like drop and net up and back. so you go up and back go up and back. Remember that when you do this drill you should put your racket in front the whole time. use your wrist and do short motion. so you see there is my friend will help me with this. he will start at the front. I will start at the back. and drive drive drive. Whenever I decide to block then I have to move to the front. and then we will do net for a little bit. and whenever my friend decided to go back then I will hit a drive from up. se we will keep moving like that. look like this guys. in this drill I think you should always move your feet. don’t just stand and hit. that isn’t good. First move you feet. Second keep your racket in front. Third do not try to kill too much. then you cant get a hang of it. do it consistently. Get used to it make you more confident, comfortable. feel better too. stay low in every shot you hit. as you see my form always low. When I blocked I have to move as fast as I can to the front. In doubles, in this drill. Stay low when you hit a shot at the net make sure your racket same level as your eyes. Don’t hit like this. Eyes level and hit it. That will improve your net game. I always try to hit with my eyes level. and stay low. This is the way I practice my up and down drive. I think it very good for you. Hope you will use this drill in practice and got lot of improvements. Hope you like this video. Hope you find this video is helpful . Thank you so much for supporting my channel I will see you soon in my next video.

32 thoughts on “CẦU LÔNG: Làm thế nào để chụp tạt và gài lưới trong đôi được tốt hơn[Drive and Net in Doubles] w sub

  1. This will help me a lot in terms of playing doubles 😀 thanks crush.. Lol
    Seagames is held here in Philippines and I was looking at Vietnamese athletes but too sad, I can't find you 😭

  2. nhìn tên video đã phải vào cmt cám ơn dòi :)) mình thích đánh kiểu tì đè phản tạt nên thích video nàyy lắmm :>>

  3. hay quá Thiện, hướng dẫn thêm khi nào mình gài cầu di chuyển lên lưới và khi nào nên lui đi Th, tks .

  4. Thiện quên chỉ cách cầm vợt với ra vợt như thế nào cho đúng ở video này rồi. Hy vọng ở những video sau sẽ chi tiết hơn

  5. A ơi cho em hỏi, em coi ngta lúc đỡ cầu toàn đỡ lên cao, tại sao như vậy vì nghĩ đỡ lên cao thì ngta sẽ dễ đập cầu hơn chứ

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