CCM Hockey D3O Smart Foam is out of this world!

Following a recent trip to CCM’s HQ they they were kind enough to give us one of their demo kits and their D3o foams Now this is that smart foams that you find inside their protective I’ve sometimes heard players say that there isn’t a real difference between high-end equipment versus Intermediate or Entry-level equipment what I wanted to show you was how these smart foams work And how they keep us protected on the ice because this stuff is honestly insane So this is what is inside the demo kit And this here is the D3o material in its raw state before it’s been processed And this is what it looks like after it’s been processed ready to go into the protective If I show you what it looks like in the raw state It’s almost like a putty or a goo Really really soft really really flexible Very very very gooey if you pull apart the D3o material softly it just stretches and bends It’s very very flexible very soft like a putty or a play-doh Maybe even something you’d find inside the children’s toys, but if you pull it apart very aggressively It breaks The heart of the impact the more the molecules in the D3o will stiffen up, and that’s what makes it insanely protective, but incredibly light and flexible Now here’s a really cool way of testing this stuff out. I’m just going to fold it very slightly stretch it out so it covers the palm of my hand and With this metal little hammer mallet thing this thing’s hard check this out now On the table this thing is not soft. It’s incredibly hard one more time on my hand Absolutely no damage. It’s Unbelievable how protected this stuff is literally unbelievable Another great way of testing this out is how much this little metal ball will bounce now on this side? We have traditional foams that you’ll find in protective equipment and on this side over here We have the D3o in its processed state. now If I bounce this little metal ball on this wooden table here It bounces if I bounce it on the foam that you’ll find in traditional hockey equipment It bounces now if I bounce it on the D3o foam No bounce this stuff is Incredible I just wanted to show you this video because I thought this stuff was remarkable We just wanted to show you what CCm has inside the protective equipment?

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  2. Wtf am I watching, I thought this was an iPhone video for the first 2 minutes 😂 why was this in my recommended. I’ve never watched hockey once. Is this even an hockey video?

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