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This is the new CCM Jet Speed skate. First year we’re introducing it (in) 2015. I think you got me! (laughter) Feel good though. That heel lock is spectacular. And then that holder, being higher – I just feel like you get a longer stride out of it. Hyperglide steel, nice smooth finish, it’s spectacular! 2 out of 3? Yeah, let’s do it! This skate contains our rocket frame technology. You’ll especially be able to see it, on the back of the skate. And it’s a brand new way for us to construct the skate, where it gives the boot a lot of shape so that your foot gets locked in. Never before have we had a skate that’s been shaped this way and really wraps around a player’s foot. It’s too close, we’re too close! What a good fitting boot! With all that heavy skating, it’s a good thing these things are light! We’ll do one more! One more. Oh man, these are so comfy, we can do this all day. Let’s do another! Where you’ll notice a difference is when you put your foot inside the skate. Once you slip your foot in, you’ll basically hear the suction of your heel go right into the bottom of the skate You’ll feel the walls of the skate curve nicely around your foot so you get that nice wrapped feel. We’ve got our 4.0mm holder allows each player to turn on a dime. Basically quick turns, sharp turns so they can be as agile as possible. (referee whistle) Oh you got me! That one was clear cut! Big race! Intense. I hung in it for the first little bit. Racing an old man, of course I’m gonna win. Skates felt amazing! One of the better-fitting skates CCM has ever made I feel. Spectacular fit, nice and tight through the heel, which is the most important part. The 4.0 holder gets you up a little more onto your toes. The hyperglide steel, nice and smooth. The wrap around the foot is awesome with their new material! Jet Speeds all the way! This is the new Jet Speed Skate being introduced in 2015 and we can’t wait for you guys to try it out.

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  1. I just bought thoseand they are litteraly awesome! I wear them right now in my living room lolz they look amazing imao the team who did the design are on top

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