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The new Ultra Tacks is a mid kick. This is great for both slap shots and wrist shots. I used the new Ultra Tacks stick today. What do you think of the stick? It feels great! That’s nice and stiff. Not opening up when I’m shooting much. What you get is also the Ultra Frame blade. We’ve added stiffness in the blade top make sure that blade always stays square to the target –
this allows for greater accuracy. Here! Corners on the shaft,, good square feel. Reinforced corners & bumper technology gives to the shaft a little bit more durability. Stick has lots of pop, nice mid kick point. Pucks were flying today, it was good, nice stick. Also what is great about Ultra Tacks is the bumper technology. This is a reinforcement of the four
corners so it allows the durability to be even greater In terms of the actual mid kick, I like to take slap shots. You know feels good it feels really
nicely balanced as well. It’ll be interesting to see how the new Bumper Technology holds up In terms of the play in the corners and on face-offs and things like that. But overall, I think the graphics are good, the performance of the (hockey) stick. It’s a lot of fun to shoot with so, I’ll definitely be trying one this season.

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