CDC Global Disease Detectives: Clues From a Bat Cave

JULIAO: Bats are found
all over the world, and they’ve been associated with different diseases
all over the world, so what information we find here
will give us an idea of what sort of infections
they can harbor and what is the likelihood of those infections
being transmitted to humans. LINDBLADE: And of these new
emerging infections, Zoonotic diseases
play a huge role. And Zoonotic diseases are those
that are transmitted
from animals to humans. MORAN: Right now, right here, we are trying to get
some samples from the bats, because there’s an outbreak right now —
there’s a current outbreak of rabies in cattle
in this area. We find bats in the net. We check what kind of species, because there are
some protected species. We take and put
in some small bags, and then we took
all the captured animals and go to a facility here
in the village. We anesthetize the animals and take blood samples and samples from ectoparasites. LINDBLADE: The reason for having
the program here is to understand more
about the kinds of infections and diseases that are occurring
in Central America, which helps us to understand
and prepare better in the United States,
to counter — to prevent and to treat — these
important infectious diseases.

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