today’s dream is bigger than just this
or this this episode is all about the person I love most in the world
and why his birthday is so important happy birthday my love we decided to
leave everything behind and start a journey to fulfill a hundred dreams we
are a couple of dreams good morning mr. babe good morning what
day is it today Sunday oh really mr. baby’s turning 33 how do you feel? I feel tired, old… but good. This year is the fifth birthday I’m celebrating with Ashley we had
twice in Israel and one year in Barcelona one year in South Africa and
this year universe yep so many memories all over the world why does Barcelona did not get good
Spain every year I’m trying to make him feel special and show him that thanks to
him I learned how to live life how to do things I never even dreamt about doing
I’m just terrified I don’t want to do it this year more than ever I wanted to
have a whole day that is all about him that celebrates the amazing person that
he is and this is why we started in the pool one of his favorite places in the
world but with his dedication to everything he’s embarking on he had to
do his work out first when he decides on something nothing can stop him not even
his own birthday after a quick swim it was time to give
my hero his well-deserved wings Ashley wanted to paraglide for such a long time
and I kept putting it off because because of my fear of heights and I
didn’t really see it as a dream now you need to understand something about
Ashley he will do anything for me he loves me in ways I didn’t even know that
I deserve so what’s a little bit of heights to make sure that he gets his
dreams and so we started our journey to the top of the mountain ashlee climbed quickly to the top put
all the gear on and very quickly he was running down the hill and into the air
no fear or regrets just the desire to fly to be one with the air and the birds
and see the world like he never saw it before
I was right after him the fear was quickly replaced with all an excitement
the sky was ours to explore and so was the earth beneath us it was so calm and
peaceful there were no worries or concerns it was us in the views and wow
what views and then we lend it and nothing was the
same anymore the land that we were standing on we saw it from the sky
we felt the air from up above we were part of a world we never had an
opportunity to be part of it was such an amazing day and every
moment was filled with more and more surprises it just felt so loved thank
you so much babe I’m so lucky to have such an unbelievable partner in my life you just fly and flow and you can see
your legs dangling and there’s one point there was one point where like we flew
over rotten and he was like there’s your girlfriend man I was like I’m so happy
I’m so thankful that I have Ashley as a partner because his dreams are insane in
my head honestly when I looked at the stuff there is to do in poker and what
to do for his birthday I’m like I know what this guy like I know what actually
likes and I knew that it’s not gonna be for me because I don’t I have a fear of
high loves it and I’m sorry I have someone who’s able to challenge her face
to allow me to live my dreams and then realize that actually her dreams too and the day didn’t end there we finished the
day with our new birthday tradition that we learn from our Nepalese and our Indian friends okay people there’s a tradition in India
and Nepal with birthday cakes that we are gonna take to the rest of our lives
guys like this yummy that’s all…Happy Birthday to me.


  1. מקסים, מאחלת לכם לחגוג עוד המון שנים נפלאות יחד בכל חלקי העולם

  2. You're extremely authentic and you're love is seen in everything you share. I'm late but still – Mazal Tov Ashley!

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